26 Ghost Town Of The Moscow Region

Ghost Town Of The Moscow Region

Look at the photos of an abandoned town that was accidentally found in the
forests of the Moscow region. Why have the citizens left the place?
9 How To Make A Damascus Steel Knife

How To Make A Damascus Steel Knife

Did you know that Damascus steel can't be set on mass production? Its quality depends on temperature, flame color and skills of a
craftsman. Let's have a look at the process of damask steel creation where every little detail is of a great importance.
23 Ukrainian Church In California

Ukrainian Church In California

This time we're going to tell you about a stadium in Sacramento (California), which was used as an air base of the USA, but later was  occupied by
religious immigrants from the USSR. It was built during World War I and for some time American pilots made their practice flights there.
4 Hydropower Plant In Ust-Ilimsk

Hydropower Plant In Ust-Ilimsk

Ust-Ilimsk Hydropower Plant is one of the largest hydropower plants in Russia and the 14th most powerful hydropower plant of the world. This plant symbolizes the courage and hard work of the Soviet people. The highest tempo of construction fell on a period lasted since 1963 till 1980. The first thing that was built, was a builders' tent. These are some photos taken in the local history museum. In the picture: 'If you are a Komsomol member, prove it with your deeds!' '' 'Registration in the Book of Honor' certificate. Komsomol Certificate. Poster calling for a speeded-up tempo of work. Let's go back to the hydropower plant. Its average annual power production is 21
billion kw/h. The dam has a hight of 100 meters. Some part of the electricity it produces goes to the wood-chemical and aluminium production factories of the region. It has no navigation passes. The road to the power plant is a favorite place of school-leavers. These are views of the old city. This is a bridge which connects the two parts of Ust-Ilimsk. In the distance you can see another enterprise built in the time of the soviet Union. It is a timber-processing complex. t Location: Ust-Ilimsk via gavailer
Stark Industry Kharkov 3
1 A Tour Around A Sand Production Company

A Tour Around A Sand Production Company

Production Commercial Firm 'Stark', Ltd extracts sand which is used in metallurgy, glass-making, and dry building mix production. At first, it was able to produce metallurgy sand only, so the company depended on the demand for metal a lot. That  is why they had designed and applied new unique techniques of sand concentration (by washing the sand, they reduced the ammount of clay and other admixtures in it), which resulted in expansion of the range of goods. Today PCF 'Stark', Ltd produces sand of the following kinds: ОВС-020-В, ВС-030-В, ВС-040-1, ВС-050-1, С-070-1, PK-020-З, PK-030-З,
PK-040-З, PK-050-З, PK-070-З. The company's success may partially be explained by the machinery it has. During the 90s, when all that businessmen cared about was their well-lined pockets, the management of the company invested all the money into the development of the production, which now is a competitive high-tech enterprise with over 200 emloyees. It is also the biggest taxpayer of the Shevchenkovsky Area of Kharkivs'ka Oblast' which as a matter of fact forms its budget. The sand pit you see in the picture, has an area of 270 000 square meters.
18 An Extremely Small Shelter

An Extremely Small Shelter

We are at another shelter. This one is characterized by extremely small size, recent
kitting-up, rather good repair and working lighting. So let's have a look at this structure.
17 Peasant Everyday Life, Retro Photos

Peasant Everyday Life, Retro Photos

These are some old pictures of peasants who lived in the 19th-20th centuries in the Krasnoyarsk Region. Most of them were taken during an expedition to Yenisei Province in West Siberia, which began in
1911 under the direction of a museum worker. Its aim was to explore and photograph the culture and everyday life of the people who lived there. This very picture was taken in 1916.
24 Beautiful Iturup Island

Beautiful Iturup Island

Iturup Island is the largest island of the Kuriles. It is unspeakably beautiful and has a length of 200 kilometers. One of its sides is
washed by the Pacific Ocean and there is the Sea of Okhotsk on the other side. Almost the whole island is a nature reserve.
Moscow Fail 2
22 Fails of Moscow

Fails of Moscow

If there was an award for anti-achievements in town planning, Moscow officials would be in the front line. Look at that metal fence, for example. Does anyone think it is nice? Unlikely. What is it
doing here then? Protecting the lawn from passers-by? Aren't they what lawns are made for? Or maybe, the prefecture's just trying to make it look like it is working really hard?
123 Russians Call It White Swan; Americans Call It Black Knave

Russians Call It White Swan; Americans Call It Black Knave

It is warm, the sky is blue, soft rumbling is heard from the most powerful turboprop engines in the world... We are at the airbase in Engel's. These are photos that you could never have hoped to see before. During the Soviet era, this was top, top, top secret
stuff. But not anymore thanks to brave Russian bloggers who took their cameras with them when they visited this place. Are you ready to see the largest supersonic, variable wing geometry plane up close and uncensored? Let's take a look!

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