17 thoughts on “The History of Volgograd in Pictures”

    • I don’t always agree with you, but I agree with you here. The Red Army gut the guts out of the Wehrmacht. May Volgograd forever live in peace now.

          • The Red Army won the war in Europe. If it hadn’t been for the Soviets, even the Normandy invasion would be a failure. Most likely that France and the Low countries would be liberated, but the East would remain under Nazi control. But if it had been just the Soviets, the war would probably have ended in 1947/1948. And the whole of continental Europe would be Soviet. The Atlantic would form the Iron Curtain.

        • “paul”, that’s why only Americans could invent the Kool Aid. Some flattering loonie tells them they are “the chosen”, then asks to put poison in it, drink it and die. And they do it! They won’t hear anything else. You just reminded me about it.

  1. I doubt it to be honest the Germans where fighting a war on multiple fronts that they simply did not have the man power to win and Hitler consistently made very poor command decisions in the end even if if ha won at Stalingrad they still would have been defeated the Soviets would just have another city to liberate.

    The battle that stopped the Germans from ever again advancing into Soviet lands was Kursk the loss at Stalingrad only hindered them but it did not break their back.

  2. The large banner on the front of that municipal bldg. I’m guessing is L. Kaganovich. The autos seem to date the photo in either the 20s or early 30s which is when he ran Ukraine and/or Moscow and (being a 110% Stalinist) therefore would earn him a cult of personality. He also led grain confiscation expeditions to the lower Volga (under Stalin’s collectivization) in the 1930-32 timeframe. Comrade Bukharin opposed Stalin’s collectivization.

  3. We Americans helped the Soviets with food , trucks, and much other equipment – but the Soviet Union won the war against fascism with their courage, determination, hard work and anger at Nazi atrocities in their country. Americans have been brainwashed about USSR by the corporate oligarchy.

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