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  1. One thing hasn’t changed about Russia, the will to murder one’s political opponents. Not disgraced, ridiculed, or even imprisoned, no, in Russia we just murder our own people who are trying to point out theft and corruption.

    • What is all this talk of “in Russia, WE”? Just a few days ago you were saying something about not wanting Russians ‘here in ‘Germany”, now you’re a Russian?!! Make up your mind.

    • Well the leaders of the party who ordered the execution, Lenin and Sverdlov, were Russian, unless you are so blinded by anti-Jewish racism that you can’t accept basic historical facts.

      • Sverdlov’s real name was Yankel Solomon and he was most definitely a Jew, more than like one of over 300 Jewish “revolutionaries” who accompanied Trotsky (real name Lev Bronstein) on the SS Christiania funded by Schiff (another Jew) when it was boarded by Canadian police in Halifax harbour and all on board arrested but then, under pressure from the US government, were released.

        Recently it was also proved that Lenin was in fact a Jew.

        My grandmother on the Bolshevik takeover: “The Jews stole everything, they even stole my father’s underwear.”

    • -“…It was not the Russians who killed the Romanovs,introduced communism…”-. Probably millions of russian speaking Martians did that, trying to finally bring the people of the weak, medieval Russian Empire to the XX Century… You prove that racism, is the worst drink of all. Makes you forget what happened last night.

    • @Mick: …”It was not the Russians who killed the Romanovs,introduced communism”… So, it was probably millions of Russian speaking Martians, who tried to bring the people of the weak, medieval Russian Empire to the XX Century… That’s the probelm with blind racism; it’s the worst kind of drink. You forget what happened last night.

    • @John: Perhaps you still live in the 1960’s Cold War, when Americans had a Civil Rights leader murdered, a Senator assasinated and a President and Governonr shot (by a single crazy bullet). Russia and the US have changed a lot since then. I don’t know about you.

    • That is how pictures looked in those days they where on thick paper much like a post card and sometimes they have a thick border clearly you have never seen older photos from 1880~1920s before.

      • Nonsense, I know very well how old photos look. The photos of rulers were a favorite tool of state propaganda, but those were mostly studio portraits, not snapshots as seen here.

  2. Anna Vyrubova was a royal court lady. a confidant of last tsaritsa or queen if you wish. You know, just like at courts of European kings and queens they had noble ladies servicing queen. After revolution she was arrested, released and arrested again and released then escaped to Finland.

    • Unfortunately these children would be used to reinstall the old tsarist regime… In monarchies, innocent Children would be favored or killed even by their supporters if that was “convenient”.

  3. I can not imagine how one could murder innocent women and children. Little girls no less! Barbarians! They should have sent them to exile in another country, they had lost their power and wealth, they were no threat to anyone..
    How horrible and sad… 🙁

  4. Tsar Nicky was going to be put on trial by the Bolsheviks, but the advancement of the Czech Legion on Ekaterinburg and the militancy of the Ekaterinburg Bolsheviks (they despised the Royals) sealed his and his family’s fate. Tsar Nicky was also betrayed by his relatives (George V) in Great Britain who thought about giving him refuge but changed their minds, not wanting to alienate the Labour Party (politics!). Unfortunately, the Tsar was a pretty clueless individual who never really understood the Russian people or the society at large.

  5. Anna Vyrubova was arrested and jailed during the Revolution. Slanderous gossip spread by the Bolsheviks claimed she had been Rapsutin’s mistress, yet medical examination by doctors proved that she was a virgin! She later became an orthodox nun in Finland.

  6. I have heard that the Bolsheviks were mainly comprised from Ukrainian and Georgian groups that wanted to transform Russia into a more modern European society however I am not sure about this.

    • Well ! ! ! ! ! ! !Don’t believe on your bad “hearing” ! ! ! ! ! !.”Bolsheviks were mainly comprised from Ukraine and Georgian groups” .what a nonsense.There was only “group” comprised from Georgia who was the STALIN’s one man group.who brutally cease power,depart Lenin and finished Trotsky.

  7. Killing wasnt good neither is monarchy, I ask allways myself why britains spend millions on one familly just they can get a luxurious life. I would send this familly to jail for stealing money from the poor..

  8. Dee-Ann, If you read the history of Russia from the revolution (1917) onwards, you will most probably find that most, if not all, of the executioners and order givers either died or ended up being killed or sent to… GULAG.

  9. I think N2 was clueless emperor and should have at least should have known to barter his willingness to abdicate, on condition his entire family be relocated to safety to France/England. He was an idiot living in denial and religious fervor thinking god would provide divine justice and their freedom. Pathetic waste of human life.

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