27 thoughts on “The Land of Dream Flowers”

  1. Problema drogurilor in Afghanistan este infioratoare.Atitia oameni dependenti fizic si psihic de heroina, de care nu au cum sa scape.Devin cadavre vii. N-au nevoie de absolut nimic decit de urmatoarea doza.Nu mai vorbim de efectele a la long pe care le da heroina.
    Am vazut la TV ca,acestor cultivatori nu le convi ne din cauze financiare sa se reprofileze.Asa nu se poate.De aia ma gindesc ca nu putem exista fara sa ne conducem dupa legile de dezvoltare ale societatii.

  2. Opium is a powerful painkiller and production of it is helpful to the world, not harmful. It should be fully legalized and available to everyone.

  3. Bizarre… if you didn’t know what flowers those are, you might think the photos of soldiers standing in a field of flowers was a symbol of peace.

    Also, it’s too bad the flowers can’t be really enjoyed for their beauty. They would certainly cheer up my front garden!

  4. Probably the more than US$450 Billion spent there would have been more useful for peace and progress if spent in the starved Afghans.

  5. The US and NATO forces protect poppy fields to make sure the world is supplied with heroin for the thousands of drugs addicts worldwide.

  6. I see no problem with cultivation of opium, only with the laws that make all users criminals. People can use responsibly, and those who are too weak-willed are allowed the painless escape from life.

  7. I wonder if the supply sergeant or the brave soldiers fighting the poppies ever heard of Roundup. But, hey, it is probbaly cooler to pose for the photographer with a rifle than with a pressure sprayer…:D

    • They aren’t fighting the poppies, they are guarding them for the Afghan farmers. If the farmers cannot grow poppies, they will be recruited by the Taliban. Pretty sad, huh?

      • Americans have an insatiable appetite for drugs, causing a lucrative market. The main issue is to cut the funds of the Taliban. I do not think the U.S. government cares if opium is grown.

        • They are getting killed because they attacked the most powerful nation on Earth. Remember Pearl Harbor? Remember the nuclear weapons dropped on Japan? America does not forget.

          • 60,000 mexicans killed in 5 years due to your addictions have nothing to do with Pearl Harbor. America may not forgoet (a few things), but you really should stop smoking weed before you reply.

            • I was not sure if you were talking about Mexico or Afghanistan. Sorry if I offended you. The Mexican President has proposed legalizing marijuana to break the cartels. I think this is a good idea, as weed does not seem to be as bad as legal alcohol.

              • @Dickey: For their own interest, Mexicans should legalize weed trade. They can’t control US demand ($$$). Weed’s about 70% of their Cartel’s revenues. And of course, Mexicans should start to demand accountability to their ancestral corrupt, undemocratic puppet rulers. Unilateral weed trade legalization is a must for Mexicans.

          • Samaya moshchnaya natsiya dyeistvitelno. Gde byl to, chto ves chto moshchnost odinnadtsatogo sentyabrya desyat let nazad. Gde byla vsya ta nepobedimost v perl harbore.

  8. Okay, englishrussia publishes a lot Afganistan recently, which is nether Russia, nor fromer USSR. But at least don’t put the tag “Russian Nature” on it. This is ridiculous.

  9. the “war on drugs” is kind of a joke. All drugs need to be decriminalized, and drug addiction treated like a medical problem, not a criminal one. Fully educating people on the effects, addictive affects, and positive uses of all drugs (pain killers, juiced fresh hemp leaves can cure some cancers, etc. ). Drugs have been used in “wars” against countries for a long time. Alexandra the Great marched half way around the world thanks to the power of the poppy. Hemp was made “illegal” in the states back in the turn of the century by saying that if “black men smoked pot, they would rape white woman”.. but in reality it was so hemp, could never be used to undermine the timber and oil industries (hemp can make plastics, paper products, even bio fuel). Now days the “war on drugs” provides a lot of prisoners for the privatized prison system in the U.S.A who are then used as slave labour. Time for us to “grow up” a bit more as a species i think. Good post by the way.

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