Hipsters From Omsk

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Veronica, a student of the faculty “Costume Design”.

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Yelena, a graphic designer.

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Marina, a lawyer.

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A psychologist.

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The visitors of the contest “Formula of Fashion. East-West”.

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Anastasiya, a model.

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Yelena, a fashion designer.

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A model.

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A fashion journalist.

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A photographer.

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Masha, a designer of accessories.

39 thoughts on “Hipsters From Omsk”

  1. OK….. What is this? An April fools joke? It’s NOT April.

    As a moderator, you must ask yourself “do I want to put 15 (FIFTEEN!) pages of this out there for my readers to look at?”

    Do you have a fetish for this or something?? Even the military stuff you only go a few pages (four? five?).

    Do you really, REALLY, consider this to be as nice (or nicer) than the air show posts?

    Fifteen pages. Really?

  2. Ok we get it. But you are bringing up a good point though, what would Russians look like if they got more influence and pride from their own rich culture, drawing a line from Moscow and eastwards, to China even? As the bankrupt west sails down the sink, we will know eventually…

  3. Well, actually these are mainly just poor people who look like they are having a tough time and trying to maintain their dignity. Should we be laughing at these people now?

    • I think the point is that what we might consider fashion is someone else’s necessity. Also, they make better hipsters and aren’t even trying.

  4. If there are any actual people from Russia that visit this website I would cordially invite them to visit the People of Walmart website if they are interested in researching true American culture and fashion.

  5. Most of the older people on these photos are poor beyond any level of povertry. You’ve got to be extremely naive to consider them being stylish. They’ve just unable to buy clothes and too tired to take care of themselves.

  6. yes, they are poor enough, but not ‘beyond any level of poverty’. they have enough to eat, and they don’t shiver at home when it’s freezing.
    soviet times taught people to make decent looks out of nothing – what we see here are the remnants of this knowledge

  7. the youngsters are all dressed weirdly.. the only people that are well dressed are some of the very old and a couple of the middle aged.. but that’s prob because they bought their garms during the Soviet times

  8. It’s odd youngsters dress oddly and pull it off, immaturity, lack of funds who knows. Olders dress this way and sorry to say it just dont look right, looks kinda like a tramp.

  9. Some of these were very funny, but some of them were just sad and mean. It’s not very funny to make fun of the older, poor people who are trying their best to still look nice and take care of themselves.

  10. Please, why you dont look at the face of the people insteed of what wardrobe owns. Are all people who have had an easy life? Please dont think like inmature minds.

  11. It’s funny, a lot of people don’t seem to get this. It is a view of personal style and expression from a different place. What they do nto realize is by including the older folks, they are actually pointing out something important. The young people are okay. Some look better than others. Most are “cool” but not all that great style. The older folks may be dirt poor, and not up on the latest fashion, but they have said, I have a little money to spend on clothes and what is in my closet. how can I use that to look good and express myself. Not to be cool or follow fashion. But to make myself happy.

    Actually, if you examine the sense of color, shape, proportion, homage to classic looks, and a truse sense of self, the elders win hands down.


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