12 Palace of the Russian Tsar

Palace of the Russian Tsar

Below are some pictures of a wooden palace that used to be a property of a Russian
Tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich Romanov and has been reconstructed recently.
10 School Of The Future

School Of The Future

Welcome to the Moscow Management School in Skolkovo, the innovative institution of the future founders
of which believe that our future starts today expressing the idea on the slogan of the school.
11 Draw Your Mom

Draw Your Mom

The pictures below were drawn by kids of 6-9 years old who depicted their mothers. Do you
think you can find the similarity between the pictures and real photos of their Moms?
15 Moscow Millionaire Boat Show 2011

Moscow Millionaire Boat Show 2011

From September, 2nd till September, 4th, a unique 'vanity fair' took place in Moscow. It was held in the Royal Yacht Club, which is the biggest
yacht club in Russia. The latest yacht models of the world leading yacht producers, and other luxury goods were presented there.
9 Chateau Purcari In Moldavia

Chateau Purcari In Moldavia

Moldavia is not really famous for its sights and attractions. So, one of them is 'Purcari', the oldest winery in Moldavia. It
was founded in 1827 and had been on the decline for some time, until Moldavian and American investors restored it.
2 Malaya Valley Of Geysers And Geothermal Power Plant

Malaya Valley Of Geysers And Geothermal Power Plant

Not far from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky there is a Mutnovsky
geothermal power plant, which is the biggest of its kind in Russia.
21 The First American Photographer In The USSR

The First American Photographer In The USSR

Margaret Bourke-White was an American photographer who got an opportunity to witness military scenes including
the ones related to World War II. We have told you some facts about her life in the previous post.
11 Union Shield-2011

Union Shield-2011

'Union Shield-2011' exercise finished on September 22, 2011. 'Union Shield-2011' is a joint Russia-Belarus regional group of forces that exists for over 10 years. 'Union Shield-2011' exercise is a part of the strategic-tactical exercises 'Centre - 2011' which takes place on seven training grounds in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, and Tajikistan,
composed of military units of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Tajikistan, and Ukraine. During the exercise, within the bounds of 'Union Shield-2011' exercise, Belarus jointed the participants. Russia-Kazakhstan 'Shigis-2011' and 'Fighting Commonwealth-2011' of the participants of Joint CIS Air Defence System has already finished.
18 What The Legendary Beryozka Store Used To Sell

What The Legendary Beryozka Store Used To Sell

'Beryozka' was a store in Moscow in the time of the Soviet Union. For those who don't know, it was the only place in Moscow where one
could buy unique goods and by the way, for foreign currency only. Here's the price-list of Moscow 'Beryozka' #32 store.
4 Relicts Of The Soviet Time By Alexander Sennikov

Relicts Of The Soviet Time By Alexander Sennikov

All things preserve the spirit of their age. It's been 20 years since the disintegration of the USSR and life has changed greatly. However, people still keep relicts from that time in their closets and
storerooms. Once you gather them together, a piece of the past will appear. Photos by Alexander Sennikov contain everything: from working life of peasants to a regular life of the Soviet intelligentsia.

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