9 thoughts on “Zombiewalk-2011, Part 2”

  1. Yawn! Not another zombie walk….

    Another degenerating western intervention to keep young people out of touch (and politics) has it´s grip firmly on your throats it seems. Soros is laughing all the way to hell

    • Hahahahaha! That’s seriously funny.

      I can kinda see the whole “another cultural thing from America” thing. I mean, I don’t want communism (or Marxism, or socialism here in America, I can see you not wanting thew whole “zombie” thing either. fair is fair!).

      But, you’re actually saying, that if you’re a kid, involved in the the zombie thing, you can’t ALSO be involved in politics??

      I got news for you my little komrade!! Once you get the vote over there, these little zombies will be VOTING!!!

      So ya better be nice to them! (oh, here’s a hint too, something I learned from your import of socialism/marxism here). Just promise them more and more of other people’s stuff, for free if they elect you (or your preferred party).

      Like lots of vacation time for little work. Guaranteed high wages for little work. Fully funded retirement, paid for by other people. Free health care (also paid for by other people, that means “the rich”). Lets see…. Oh yeah, um, paid a “living wage” for doing NOTHING!! Welfare it’s called. They don’t have to work, yet you pay them anyway! Throw in some other dumb stuff sure to eventually bring you down (but you don’t care, because you get your power NOW! Let somebody else clean up the mess later) like the right to “organize the work place” also called “unions” but more like the employees holding the company and the owner “hostage” until eventually the company can’t afford any more and they go out of business. Personally, I can’t see why they would want that, but they seem to love it. It goes back to letting others clean up the mess I guess, they get theirs now.

      Hahahahaha! You crack me up with that whole communist thing of yours.

      I will agree with you on georgie soro’s. That old fat man needs to have an accident before he destroys the world.

  2. I think it might be escapism John – a way of getting free from the very essence of your thesis for a while. I think escapism drives the movie industry and a whole lot of other entertainment – I guess it’s about burying heads in the sand.

  3. You can idetify the Zombie from here, take a look and be safe 😀
    : http://www.weirdsnaps.com/2011/08/zombie-identification-chart/


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