26 thoughts on “Only In Russia You May See, Part 5”

  1. This is hilarious πŸ™‚ – whilst of course we must remember that such crazy stuff is not limited solely to Russia – thnx for sharing this.

    I’m thinking maybe the steps for the toilet were meant to go beneath the cash machine!

  2. I remember the guy with the bear from my time in St. Petersburg. He used to hang out in Alexandrovsky park between the zoo and the metro station. I always felt sorry for that poor bear.

    Wonder if it’s the same one that they keep locked up in an old bus in St. Pete.

    • Socialist Sweden. Good to know.

      When some one says “build this fence” and no one moves the bench first because it’s “not their job”…You know it’s socialist.

  3. Some of these pics were undoubtedly from out in the provinces. Like here in the U.S., one can find strange things in regional rural areas.

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