33 thoughts on “Dsquared Pants: a New Disease of Russian Youths”

  1. WOW, the fashion awareness of these young bloods makes me want to shed a tear as a Russian.
    At least the majority of them didn’t pay full price for the atrocity that are these pants.
    On the other hand however, they all do look kind of square in the pants, lol.

  2. to the awesome man on the 4th photo: I hear LCD monitors are all the rage now with the young whippersnappers like yourself 😀 😀

  3. Welcome to the free world!!What dumb clothes did us older adults wear when we were teens?Like Tommy Hilfiger,Mossimo,Banana Republic,just another fashion trend….

  4. It’s just a local fashion. Many americans drink cola. Why? It is better than any drink? They children and don’t have opinion in this years. They look TV and see that their idol dress same. Sorry for my eng, i’m a russian.

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