20 thoughts on “Celebration of the Great Muslim Holiday of Eid”

  1. If the 30th was a great holiday for them it appears fireworks works in order with the bombings of police stations in Chechnya. Still the religion of peace?

  2. And the Sisterhood of Islam – where does that get a look in ?

    All religion is created by men, for men, about little imaginary men with long gray beards – grow up people. I can understand it a few thousand years ago but hey, come on, we need a new approach to being human now.

    And I don’t believe you have to have religion to be able to teach your children about good and bad or morals or understanding your place in the world and responsibilities to that world and all other humans. Just saying.

  3. I don’t like what I see. Islam is a very oppressive ideology. The Moscow Metro suicide bombings, Domododedovo Airport bombing, sieges at a Beslan school and Moscow theater, St. Petersberg – Moscow railine sabotages, downing of two Russian airliners shortly after take off in Domododedevo, the viral videos of Russian soldiers being beheaded by islamists. In France for example during Friday prayers on the street, home owners and apartment dwellers are forced off the street.

    • yet they are all wearing different styles of clothing and have head covers of various styles and patterns yep not personal thought or individualism what so ever.

  4. I salute the photographer. nice iso/exposure setting. good DOF also. even in rainy day.

    To tell you the truth, Islam will only be expanding. Not contracting. regardless of what we say.

    read Quran in Russian language, and you will understand better ^_^

  5. What a nice religion of tolerance (for those that obey you) and passion (for beheading young boys and raping preteen girls)
    I sure hope that no one thinks about getting back the good ol’ chlorine gas to make em have a taste!

  6. Tolerance is key – further to my views expressed earlier, I would not wish to deny folk the right to follow a particular religion. What I do object to is:

    1) That no religion should have any place in state bodies or state education. (Although I think children should learn about all theism around the world to encourage understanding).

    2) That no child should automatically become a follower of their parents religion – I think that denies the child’s right to freedom of choice.

    3) That folk should practice their calling privately and not “in the faces” of others. The internet surely provides a great place for those of similar minds to get together.

    4) That news reporters should refrain from mentioning anything about the “religious” traits of any murderers, gunmen or other terrorist – these folk, who hijack religious beliefs for their own end, do a great injustice to all religion and hence humanity.

    In short, whilst tolerating some peoples need for spirituality, in whatever form, I would rather see it as a personal choice, practiced at home and not the great divider of people which it has become in the hands of folk who usurp it for their own power.

    I think that way religion has a greater chance for success in our multi-cultural, mixed-up world.

    May your god(s) be with you.

  7. Dimitri

    Correct my history if I am wrong, but didn’t Islam come to some lands that are historically now Russian before Christianity. I mean the Volga Basin, the North & Central Caucasus were muslim-areas well before Christianity was introduced. Using your logic “Christian” Russia is infesting the muslim lands of Kazan, Chechnya, Dagestan etc.

    If you doubt the facts do your own historical reading.

  8. The Goat and the Sheep…
    31 “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. 32 All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.


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