28 thoughts on “Gloomy Atmosphere of Abandoned Medical Facilities”

  1. This is really amazing. I can see some of the old military sites being abandoned, they’re old and full of junk. But this doesn’t look that old (at least in places). Decent equipment still there. Wow.

    The doors are probably open because of people ransacking the place looking for drugs or something else useful.

    Now, parts of it look like a toxic waste dump. Scary.

  2. Yes someone still practices medicine there but they have a very short temper and throw fits which is why everything is in disarray.

  3. Yet another great report from EnglishRussia.This article is morbidly bizarre and causes one to think.I wonder in this strange forbidden environment if anybody was actually helped or were there any scientific discoveries.

  4. I never cease to be amazed at the sheer amount of abandoned things/places in Russia. Apparently if something belongs to everyone, it belongs to nobody, so nobody cares when things are wasted. A shame.

  5. Love the box of medical isotopes left in the storage room. There have been several hundred cases of fatal poisonings involving medical isotopes. Most of them involve material left behind in closed hospitals.

  6. I have been reading on this topic for some time, and I think one of the things that might contribute to the ‘ill’ feelings people often report on pictures from Soviet times…

    I think the color palette favored in this part of the world makes Westerners uncomfortable. I’m from Michigan, USA and as Western as you can get, and these colors, while not offensive to me, are definitely ‘off’ to Western eyes. No offense intended, but something simple like this would explain a lot.

  7. This area looks very similar to the abandoned mental hospitals and abandoned tuberculosis sanitariums I saw in Michigan. Russia and the U.S. are more alike then people realize.

  8. Unfortunately, medicine never had the same priority in USSR that it had in the West. Lenin didn’t trust Russian doctors. Stalin didn’t trust doctors at all. After the Doctor’s Plot, the profession of medical doctor was held in very low esteem, even after Khrushchev exposed the Plot as a lie. As for access to medical treatment, it was not equally distributed. The powerful had access to the best facilities and therapies while the masses stood in line for second rate goods…just like with everything else. Aside from the unequal access to services, medical science itself lagged decades behind the West. The USSR didn’t see its first successful heart transplant until 1987.

  9. Being a hobby chemist, this looks like heaven
    Here in germany you wouldn’t even dare to ask in pharmacies about buying chems. There is a new “monitoring” restriction where they note every chem you buy and hand that to the police. If it is somehow possible to make some drugs or explosives with what you bought, you’re busted. Buying from chem suppliers is nowadays impossible in germany as a private customer. Today, they want you to buy plasma TVs and Iphones but please nothing which is suspicious in any way.

  10. What are those wicked red symbols on the boxes in picture number 4 supposed to be? They look like upside down fire extinguishers.Oh the horror.

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