22 thoughts on “Grandiose Air Show MAKS-2011. Part 3”

  1. This is sex!!

    Unfortunatley no pictures can make it justice one must be there, here the roaring and feel the wind!
    That engine sound is sometime so dense that one more feel it in Your whole body rather than hear it, this is life!

  2. Maladjetz! Are visitors allowed to bring their own drinks to the area? or is it as rigid as on any airport (no liquids)… Want to see it in 2013!

    • Have you ever been to an airport? You are allowed to take drink this you till the passport check, so as long no visitor want to travel with a plane he is alowed to…

      • ok… usually (in EU) you are not allowed to bring anything wit liquids on the -apron-, thats why I asked. Glad the Russians handle it with more common-sense!

  3. Lots of great pictures! Thanks! Interesting…most of the civilian jet airliners seem to look alike now. The SU 100 Special looks a lot like the Boeing 737, for example.

  4. The clouds upstaged the planes. And someone needs to drop some colored water over Texas (preferably on Rick Perry).

    • Marxi….. Do you not like him because he is religous or because he is republican? He has a good shot of being the next president. Overthrowing the current Marxist president.

  5. Russia’s star is eclipsing the U.S. The Russia people do not have to suffer yet from “cultural diversity” ,Limousine Liberals,and the homosexual agenda.

  6. I’ve noticed over the past week or so that there just aren’t enough pictures of any aircraft on this site – could something be done please 😉

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