19 thoughts on “Apocalypse In Lviv”

  1. Thank god they are redoing all the roads there, I drove through Lviv last year and the cobbled streets would shake a car to pieces

      • Hello “patriot”.

        If you add all Polish dominitaion periods, Lvov was Polish city during only 75 years. And the city is years old.

        So…..it is as stupid ad saying “Lvov is Polish city” than “Moscow is French city”.

        LVOV is UKRAINIAN !
        That’s all

    • So Breslau and Danzig are German?

      As a Pole I found pity that this beautiful city(along with few other which now belongs to Belarus and Ukraine) is no more Polish. But this is past, we must go forward. Of course we cannot forget our cultural heritage but building better future in today borders of Poland is more important than whining about Lviv, Vilnius or Grodno.

  2. I noticed a lot of construction there in summer 2010 but not sure if that’s related to the Football championship.

    And – the Old Town isn’t that big or as interesting as say Prague or Tallinn. Regardless, it’s “old country” for me and I had real fun time in Lviv and visiting relatives.

  3. I’ve seen many pictures of this place, it’s really cool looking. I wouldn’t mind living there for a time while I check out Ukraine and the surrounding countries.

    I hope they get the stones put back in the road properly after they’re through replacing all the pipes.

    • Their’s a lot to see, not only the beautiful Ukraine (Kyiv, Cherkasy, Lviv) but also the women…my God, Slavic women are some of the most beautiful!

  4. I love the appearance of those buildings in the city. When the road construction is complete, the city will have a great appearance. It looks like a nice place to live.
    I would think that commerce in this section of town is almost nonexistent during construction. Enjoy the Football Championship Series.

  5. Years ago when Lviv was a Polish city it was one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and now it lies in ruins. I went to Lviv last year and was shocked to see almost total destruction. Old Town
    is restored a bit but after that nothing is being done. The only thing I liked in Lviv was the railway station but when I wanted to travel to the Black Sea I was told the next train with available tickets leaves in two weeks.
    It is sad to say but Ukraine is 20 years behind Poland and more if you compare it to the rest of Europe. You can see the difference as soon as you cross the border with Poland


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