26 thoughts on “Iphone Pictures Of Afghanistan”

  1. Wonder what iPhone software he used, instagram… hipstamatic or whether it’s all post processing. Either way, I think the correct romanisation of his name is Balazs Gardi as that’s his main website.

  2. Remind me why you are posting this again?

    Since when did Russia, become Afghanistan and how is this in any possible way connected to Russia/Russians.

    • The USSR was in Aghanistan from 1979 to 1989. Thousands of young Russians, as well as other citizens of than USSR died in that mountainous hell hole. America is fighting many of the same men who fought against the Soviet Union.

      Perhaps educate yourself.

  3. I remember,last days of US forces in Vietnam.”history repeat itself” ! ! ! ! ! ! !look at in the eyes of feared young soldiers.in advance R I P to all of them ! ! ! ! ! !

  4. I don’t see ”USSR MARINES”, these are american soldiers.
    Also, what is with the gay and fake HDR effect?
    Some nice pictures tho 🙂

  5. Reusite fotografii ,dar dureroase.Saracie si mereu soldati. Cu cine se razboiesc americanoizii astia?Cu pisicile slabe ,cu masinile hodorogite, cu copiii mereu infometati,cu drogatii,cu adolescentii,cu batrinii?Si pentu cine pentru ce?
    Astia mereu sunt pe picior de razboi.
    N-o sa mai putem schimba ordinea asta?
    Ce tara era Afghanistanul inainte de 1989! Si acum…

  6. Taken with an Iphone, so what who cares, if that is the only Russian connection with these photographs, then you fail.

  7. What does this have to do with Russia? Uh, they were there once as well. Try searching this site for Russian soldiers in afghanistan, those pics are not so oddly similar to these. And afghanistan is still a sh!thole.

  8. Afganistan, Palestina, Kurdistan… and for all those “hot” places, I’m praying to find their rest and peaceful way to the future. Till now those locations was just “execution yards”. RIP to all who lost in vain their life there…

  9. A lot of people are complaining here about seeing American forces depicted in these photographs. I, on the other hand, appreciate the contrast that they provide. It is also a very sad and subtle commentary about the history of Afghanistan. You can practically predict the decade of the pictures of Afghanistan from looking at the foreign armed forces. That country has hardly ever known peace.

  10. great pics. I use a Polaroid filter that makes pics like this. I love the one of the kitten. Known many bad ass guys that melt around animals. too funny

  11. After the Vietnam catastrophe US abandoned military draft, which was somewhat democratic, now has a paid , mercenary army. But the guys in those
    photos look just as miserable as the guys in Vietnam looked. A “hired army” is dangerous, and its power can be abused.

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