23 thoughts on “Exhibition Of Rare Cars In Pskov”

  1. What an awesome post! I wish I could have been there, these cars are awesome. If someone would like to buy that black-white Citroën for me, that would be OK.

    Does anyone know what the little car is? There were three: in order, a white one, pale grey-white, and a yellow. I think it’s an old Saab or Volvo… anyone? Thanks!

    • Edit – Citroën is black-silver. And the little one, the first white one may be a different car than the grey-white and yellow ones.

  2. I think I’m in love with that dove gray Zaporozhetz 965! I want to import one to the US one day to add to my collection of people’s cars from around the world.

  3. This SHOULD be taken somewhere in Estonia, as you can see some signs with estonian language on it, and most of the cars have estonian license plate numbers 🙂

  4. So I’m flipping through the pictures and in the middle is an old Corn Binder with a water pump. Could have been right out of the US Midwest from some little podunk volunteer fire department. Yeah! International Harvester, the original long lived US utility vehicle. These things just refuse to die if you give them a little TLC.

  5. Why should russian want Estonia to come and show their own (russian) cars? All cars have estonian number plates..wierd i would say 😛

  6. Kalevipoeg, you should have bothered to read the small plates stating that the cars were on a tour around lake Peipsi. Combine that with the page title “… in Pskov” and everything should be clear.

    But i totally agree witk mkhh, it’s always nice to see old cars restored (or preserved) in such a good condition by people who appreciate them.

  7. We peoples of North Korea don’t need no stinky western cars, we ride our noble sheep and holy goats! But the purest ones go BY FOOT! Don’t let rotten western influence corrupt our brains!

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