37 thoughts on “Rocket Launch In the Plesetsk Cosmodrome”

  1. Truth is stranger than fiction: Now that the US Shuttle has been retired, only the Russians can put people into space. Absolutely surreal.

    • Russia was always except 20years was first in space. But I love the propaganda that the race was won by landing on the moon. Oh wait… we only need today russians wins, like satelite, MIR, Gagarin, Sojus hahaha

      • A. Bunka here. Race? There was no race, Russians never got out of the parking lot. You are like kid who learns how to ride tricycle and never a two-wheeler. Russia has never left earth orbit. 24 Americans sailed around the moon, 12 walked on the moon, how many were Russkie smart guy? America has just landed a robotic spacecraft on the asteroid Vesta, and that will take off in a few years and land on Ceres. Another space first for USA! When is last time YOU had space first???

        • Russia never left orbit? Maybe not with tinned monkeys, but they landed several robot probes on the moon. As for Vesta, no, a probe has not landed there. It’s simply in orbit around Vesta. A technological feat, to be sure, but get your facts straight.

  2. I love how little fanfare there is with this. Russians build a rocket, in a shed, put it on a train and put stuff in space. Easy.

  3. Well,i have been waiting for this moment since the “collapse of soviet union “.
    now US is totally dependent upon another country for their space programme.

    • Really? You don’t think we could continue to launch the shuttles? Also, did we just launch the first civilian space craft. This is not the end of the space program. This is the begining of the next generation of space exploration. A generation where the big government run programs will be only for the countries that don’t have the ability to let civilian and corporate exploration flourish.

      • Well, for the moment the Russians are the only one of your “friends” who accpet to put you in space. You can talk big once your country fix its debt payments. And it will take a long while.

  4. its amazing how simple and effective the idea of having a rocket that can be transported on its side, which gets round the huge proplem the Americans had with the crawler. and yes, it is strange that only russians can put people in space now.

  5. I like the russian approach. Sending people to space this way looks simple and easy. It’s reliable and it works.

  6. I like how they use those giant jacks to turn the rockets upright. Even their largest ones, including the N1 moon rocket were lifted like this. Falling support towers are also fascinating in their simplicity.

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