Life of Same-Sex Families in Russia

Life of Same-Sex Families in Russia

One of St. Petersburg’s LGBT organizations (the abbreviation formed from the first letters of the names of sexual and gender minorities – lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders) has lately released a series of social advertising under the slogan “Yes, we are a couple and have common children!” Contrary to the opinion of many people, there are a lot of LGBT families in Russia. But most of them prefer not to publicize their sexual orientation.

The aim of the project is to show people, including homosexuals themselves, that gay families exist and function successfully in our society, that children grow up in love and care, that these families are as happy as the families with heterosexual parents.

Life of Same-Sex Families in Russia

“We decided to be shot for the project, because we simply wanted to capture the moments of our life. This is what photos are supposed to serve for. Without any ideology… What would we like to change? Attitude. We don’t want our families to be treated as something perverse. We don’t want our children to be afraid of admitting, without any consequences for themselves, that their parents are homosexual. ”

Life of Same-Sex Families in Russia

“Our family is very nice and happy. We live in a communal room with my relatives who understand and support us. We both work, our son is in the 5th grade. We’ve been together for 3 years. The son understands and supports us. He likes my half, Katyusha, and is very friendly with her. We have participated in this project with great pleasure. This is, first of all, because of the wonderful photographer, with whom I have been acquainted for a long time, whom I know and love. And secondly, we already came out of the closet many years ago and are not afraid of anybody. Our families support us and the son loves us both. With the help of this project, we wanted to show that lesbian couples are very attractive and feminine, and not as those bald brutal drunken rednecks as we are usually represented.)))) To change the position of the state in relation to same-sex unions in Russia seems to be impossible. But actually we have a lot of questions, both legal and moral… ”

Life of Same-Sex Families in Russia

“Our family is ordinary. Fun, friendly and happy. That’s why we decided to be shot for the project. To show that we are not different from other families. We hope, it’s obvious?) It is difficult for us to regulate different legal issues relating to common children, common property and so on, so we’d like very much the same-sex marriages to be legalized. And we also want people to be tolerant of any minorities, including the sexual ones. ”

Life of Same-Sex Families in Russia

Well, comrades homophobes, does it look as terrible as you imagined?

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    • Is that what happened to you or are you just assumimg that’s what happens and happens more to these LGBT parented children than to straight parented children?

  1. Sometimes satan comes as a man of peace..
    The most diabolic, perverted and depraved form of american ego-trends funded by Soros & Co in this part of the world, has reached the motherland of orthodox Christianity. Thank god the mayors and the Russians still stop them from flashing their genitals and parading their disgusting private matters in public. How does open society´s other export product, free drugs, doing in Russia?

  2. Poor children! I suppose they will have gender identification problems. I’m not homophobe but of gay or lesbi adopting children makes me scared.

    • I wonder if there was some serious research conducted. I can imagine a child grown up in a homosexual family can have problems communicating with the other sex.

    • In civilised parts of the world, experience shows that homosexual couples are at least as good at being parents as heterosexual couples. Experience shows that their children grow up quite normally.

      Plenty of lesbians have families without adopting: artificial insemination is the key.

      One big problem in Russia is the violent hatred shown by bigots towards homosexuals, and the ignorance which causes the fear expressed here.

      • The only “problem” is Russia refuses to believe these people are anything but sick-in-the-head individuals who need help.

        GO RUSSIA!

  3. Let them do whatever they like in the closet!But coming out of the closet to show it off may put more in trouble !

  4. Who cares what these people do. Just because you’re gay, it doesn’t mean we want hear about your adgenda. Keep it in the bedroom

    • Actually they’re quite the opposite. These people have never been so sure of anything else in their lives and they all look pretty damn rich and happy about it too.

      Maybe it is you who is the poor lost soul. Maybe you need to find yourself.

  5. This is not how it should be. For normal balance children must have two different parents, otherwise…. it’s like water that must have H and O. Who would like to drink: H2H,or O2O ?

  6. Many thanks for the details we were trying to find this while we were checking the web and your website came up– Many thanks

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