12 thoughts on “Touching the Beauty of the Underwater World”

  1. When there is a photoset with an ugly old women like this one, you leave the pics uncensored.
    When we have a photoset with the lovely young girls of Femen, you censure the pics.

    There’s something perverse here on EnglishRussia.

    • Ugly? She’s just a normal woman and I’m sure you would have sex with her and cry and never get any better than that in your whole life.

    • OMGS, she’s not as old as you are making her out to be. How old are you, twelve!?! All adults look old when you’re twelve.

      She’s not ugly either. She’s in below freezing water without a regulator and air tank of her own with two big ass sea creatures. I’d like to see how attractive you would look under the same circumstances.

      Grow up and stop your childish whining like you’re a little spoiled brat. 🙄

  2. I truly though that the first one was photoshoped, though I was wrong.
    By the way, these pictures looks like from national georaphic.

  3. This is just amazing!
    Wonderful pictures.

    I am almost finished with my own scuba cert here in cold “arctic waters” so i know what it takes…
    Taking those pictures must hawe been harder than a milion underwater pictures in warm tropic waters.

    I clearly dont looking down on a woman bathing nude in those waters, she must be much tougher than any guy i hawe seen here You know. After about 15 minutes without protection clothes You are dead in those waters in the winter season.


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