17 thoughts on “Old Pictures of Soviet Moscow”

  1. Nice pics, cool to see Moscow at the time of v serious communist repression, the red terror as it is properly called. Wonder how many of ppl we could see on the photos actually suffered the gruesome fate and were ruthlessly persecuted by NKWD etc. Actually, it’s a pity that ordinary ppl would suffer so much because their leader was a delusional sadist and the whole brass was not better. Peace to the good Russians and a big, fat di.ck right up the rectum to all commies!

  2. Interesting that in this collection of photos from the ’30s & ’40s we have sovietmoscow1-23.jpg, which very obviously isn’t from the ’30s or ’40s. Wish we knew how that one got in the pile!

  3. What a wonderful post. I enjoyed looking at all of these fascinating old photographs, thanks.

    Strange what you chose to translate from the photos…

  4. 1937…those happy people in the photoes do not know yet what a horrible fate waits them when Stalin will unleash his repressions on them…So many of them will perish forever in GULAGs.

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