15 thoughts on “Russian and American Soldiers Shot Together”

  1. Soviets are all about propaganda. When these pictures were shot Staling & administration already knew they’d wage war against the civilized world.

    Also, why don’t you post pix of Russian invading soldiers along with their German Nazi friends? Such as, you know, pix from the first days of WWII? Inconvenient? Surely, but that’s what history is. So be brave once and admit you plotted with the Germans to divide Europe in half at first. Later on you wanted whole Europe for yourselves, so that’s one of the reasons Hitler attacked you first.

    • Well kater, you may need some tea and relax. These are only pics of people smiling. Go out and play with your dog. Or buy one.

    • You are absolutely right! This is propaganda.
      Stalin knew about “Operation Unthinkable”, that the United States and the British Empire together with Germany wanted to attack the Soviet Union in the spring of 1945!
      But he hid it from the Soviet people, and they thought that the Americans and British are friends of the Soviet Union!
      What a dirty trick! Stalin is a tyrant and a liar!

  2. @ What about Poland invading russia before the second world war, during the civil war in russia, what about poland invading czechoslovakia? This is history!

    • you’re funny 🙂 Poland did not invade Russia before WWII and neither attacked CZ. Learn your facts, stop spreading misinformation. In the brief history of USSR as a conglomerate of annexed states, the USSR did so much harm to the world and especially its neighbors, that it is only fitting that today’s Russians admit that and instead of pulling long gone history (civil war in Russia was like 300 years ago) they simply stop being such aggressive individuals.
      I’ll give you a few hints and will wait for your answer: Spetember 17, 1939, Katyn & Smolensk, practically 50 years of effective communist occupation after WWII in many countires in Central and Eastern Europe. How about your own people dying by millions during the communism era in gulags, NKWD secret prisons etc.

      once agaian – LEARN YOUR FACTS before you write sth or you’ll be disregarded 😉

      • But why did “good, innocent” Poland have non-Polish lands – Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, Ukrainian Lviv and Brest (Belarus) in 1939? And why there were things like that Volyn Massacre, if “good, civilized” Poles “good and fair” ruled of the Lithuanians, Belarusians and Ukrainians in these occupied lands?

        And I suggest Poland to abandon its modern western lands, which it basely robbed pure German people with the help of the evil Soviet Union. It will be a noble and civilized thing to do.

  3. Looks like these were taken in Poltava, in the Ukraine. For a while US bombers were running shuttle missions, leaving England, bombing targets in Nazi-occupied territory, then landing in Poltava. Unfortunately, after a fairly short period, German bombers attacked the base and most of the US planes were destroyed.


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