Chasing the Police

Chasing the Police

In Soviet Russia it’s all upside down. Guys on Golden BMW Suv chase the road police Mercedes making him breaking the rules many times and risking the road security. See the video down there:


And down here you can see their car in a pure daylight in another curious accident:


It’s a gold coated stuff.


12 thoughts on “Chasing the Police”

  1. To the guy in the nike jacket. There is no possible way to look tough/cool while wearing high-watered track pants.

  2. The video starts too far into the dialog. I wish they have more to what the deal is.

    I only got part about the gold car being parked in front some store. I think thats why the one guy kept trying to put the sticker on the car.

  3. Russian gangsters chasing police on Moscow roads…Russia is now officially Bizarro World, like in the old Superman comic books, where everything is upside down or reversed.

  4. Russians curse the way Rembrandt paints, the way Mozart composes. Russian cursing is at once the most vulgar and the most elegant verbal art form on the planet. NO other culture can curse as beautifully as the Russians!

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