Roof Off You Racers!

Roof Off 7

One careless move could turn a Mazda into a cabriolet. Turns out this really happened to this driver on the highway. The Mazda was literally stripped off its roof and giving it the much more sporty look of a cabriolet by a truck. Lucky enough no one was hurt during the accident.

Roof Off 2

A side view of the damaged car. Its like it was carefully ripped off its roof. Still looks nice though.

Roof Off 3

A section of the roof still attatched to the truck’s load.

Roof Off 4

The truck driver seemed not to have noticed the damage done and drove a few meters along.

Roof Off 5

The sporty roof and the monstrous truck.

Roof Off 6

Roof Off 7

A passer-by checks with the Mazda driver to make sure everything is alright. Possibly the driver will consider turning his car into a cabriolet since he has already been given the idea.

11 thoughts on “Roof Off You Racers!”

  1. I’m certain that with russian creativity and ingenuity he’ll turn that wreck into a splendid street cruiser again. Plenty of examples in previous posts..

  2. Wow. That would be a huge lawsuit in the US. Apparently in Russia truckers don’t have to flag their loads. Safty…. Don’t worry.

    P.S. I smell vodka

  3. Jesus christ, that guy will forever be more careful now. That looks so funny though, but I bet he’s not laughing just yet, but he will later.

  4. Actually the load is flagged, there is the sign with white/red stipes, my guess, the small car came at high speed around the corner and hit the slow or not moving truck


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