33 thoughts on “Luxury Cars Falling From The Sky?”

  1. I already saw many of the other examples of the fact that the owner of Mercedeses are the handicap drivers. Here is another one.

  2. Thank goodness, the woman lived. The article said she had a fractured jaw and a concussion; and remembers nothing of the wreck.

  3. Who the hell builds a parking garage and doesn’t use steel reinforced cement walls? What kind of third world Architect designed this? They should know Minsk has a ton of blondes. Wow! Find the architect and beat him with a pipe.

  4. This is what happens when you teach people to drive with the right foot on the gas AND the brake.

    If they get it wrong, and think they’re stepping on the brake, but the same foot is used for the gas, the brain freaks out and they stomp on the gas even harder, because “that should stop them”, but it only makes it worse.

    I use right for gas and left for brake, I can’t make that mistake. (unless I suddenly forget which is left and right).

    Dumb way to teach people to drive (but in defense, most people that drive that way, tend to “ride the brake” too.

    • There is a thing called in the world outside of America called a manual gearbox, not everyone in the work drives automatics, easy as they are, manual gearboxes are more responsive and fun to drive

  5. LOL. I started laughing when I saw the golden shopping bags. Fits so perfectly the Mercedes and the blonde confusing D and R.

  6. This is a Mercedes ML modded by Brabus. From their web site:

    BRABUS ML 63 Biturbo
    6.2 litre 8-cylinder bi-turbo engine, 478 KW/650 PS, 0-100 km/h: 4.2 sec, Vmax: 310 km/h, on offer @ € 232,050

    Next christmas she’ll certainly get a better car from her husband.

  7. I am glad she survived. The standards used for the garage are substandard. Maybe if she were a Marxist this wouldn’t have happened.

  8. In Malaysia there was an incident in 2009 where a yellow car like Bumblebee crashed through the roof of a brand new shopping mall.

    Apparently the students were trying to push start the car on the rooftop carpark when it did start and accelerate out of control right through the wall of the escalator well.

    A few people were killed / crushed.


    The courts have charged someone for this case just last week.

  9. Strange acident i say. for one the car can’t have been going to fast since the 2 floors below the exit floor have sustained damage from the car falling. also if the car left the floor rear or nose first, how come it hit the ‘ground’ sideways and nearly on it’s roof.
    The length off the railing that’s gone is to small for the car to have gone trough sideways. also no skidmarks on the parking deck as one would expect when a car slides sideways. The paint smears on the front bumper says it went nose first.
    The damage to the lower floors, the angle at which the car hit the ground and the distance between the car and the side of the parkingstructure, to me add up to something hinky with the photo’s/incident. enough to write it up as a hoax…


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