63 Banner-Bearers Against Gays

Banner-Bearers Against Gays

The Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers is the organization operating on the territory of Russia since 1992. It aims to strengthen and spread the Orthodox faith, restore the absolute monarchy and revive Russian national consciousness and imperial
patriotism throughout the country. The members of this organization often hold rallies. This time, they gathered in one of their favorite forest spots to perform the ceremony of symbolic execution of... gays. Details after the jump.
15 Chernobyl 25 Years After

Chernobyl 25 Years After

The name of Chernobyl has become common as a symbol of the greatest human disaster. But the men's memory is organized to lose some life details or pungency of feelings in the lapse of time, all happened things become fuzzy and vague, as somebody reduced the depth of focus. The same story
concerns Chernobyl and its lamentable fame. We hoped and sincerely believed that this huge catastrophe would never recur. But dreams didn't come true. One day an enormous 10-metres wave induced by the earthquake near Japanese shores damaged the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1".
17 Amazing Polar Expedition Along The Tundra

Amazing Polar Expedition Along The Tundra

An amazing expedition from Yakutia to the Taymyr Peninsula on passenger cars! The journey that has never been taken by anyone. 33
days and 5000 km to go. Risky and dangerous, in extremely severe north conditions, it could be only done by real men.
4 Day Of Angels In St. Petersburg

Day Of Angels In St. Petersburg

These days St. Petersburg celebrated its 308th birthday. Palace Square was turned into the "Square of Angels", that was the name of
the show performed by the Circus Studios of Marseille. A spectacular action took place in the air at a height of 50 meters!
8 Russian Navy In 1893

Russian Navy In 1893

These retro photos of Russian sailors made in 1893 were taken from
the Library of Congress. The quality is unbelievably good!
4 Belorussian Dumpers Come Through the Virgin Nature

Belorussian Dumpers Come Through the Virgin Nature

Those pit dumpers of the Belorussian automobile plant have something pristine in their appearance. It seems that trucks are tiny if you look in a pit
from above. But when they come up to your level, that is you who seem tiny and miserable. Only one wheel of a dumper has the man's height.
4 Fall In Love With Baikal

Fall In Love With Baikal

Have you ever thought there is too little space in your city or felt pity for the lack of wild nature around you? If the
answer is positive, it's high time for you to visit Lake Baikal in Siberia. Click images to see their full size.
28 Private Photos Of the USSR Inhabitants

Private Photos Of the USSR Inhabitants

Maybe some Russians recognise their
parents or grandparents in these pictures.
6 Chocolate Heaven In Lviv

Chocolate Heaven In Lviv

Today we'll get a chance to visit a real heaven for everyone having a sweet tooth and those who like making chocolate presents. It
is not advisable to look at the pictures if you are hungry for sweets and can't run out and buy some immediately.
5 One of the Most Ancient Cave Towns of Georgia

One of the Most Ancient Cave Towns of Georgia

Uplistsikhe is an ancient cave town located in eastern Georgia. In 2003 it was in quite a poor condition - the old road was all in pits and ruts, and even though the entrance was free, there were barely any visitors. Not
long time ago it was renovated. Cafes and toilets were built there, the road was restored and admission became 3 GEL (slightly more than 50 rubles - $ 1.7). Let's take a tour over this ancient place.

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