26 thoughts on “Like To Be a Bachelor…!”

  1. Women are attracted to guys like this, they believe they can “fix” them and live happily ever after. Even when the beatings and torture begin, they still believe it’s “his” thinking that needs changing, not hers and so they stay in such a doomed relationship. It’s usually made worse when the woman thinks a baby is just what’s needed to make them a family, then he’ll surely see how wise and desirable she is.

    • Nothing political here.
      I would just say: are you a psychologist? Not being sarcastic, it’s just you have a lot to say about the psychological aspects of these pics.

      • Thanks for your well- considered reply marxistworker!

        I am just a student of Judge Judy, and I’m sure that what I posted would be her take on this situation.

        Women tend to either ignore or be unaware that we each have our own ideas of who we are and what we want to be, and that just because someone’s not on the same path you are it doesn’t mean they’re lost.

    • ugh! you can’t be more wrong. this guy is literally a dirty slob with nothing to offer…totally gross. the only thing he can attract is a druggy scan-k !

    • Although you may be right about some women, I’m not attracted to men like this. I have never had a desire to fix anyone and I certainly never tried too. Not all of us women fit your complete description. Both of my husbands were extremely clean and well organized. Both were damn good cooks too, I might add for no reason what-so-ever other than it’s fact. Both were career military officers. I think maybe you shouldn’t generalize so much in the future so what you write will be more accurate.

      • As I qualified my observations to marxistworker, they were given in the context of a particular female type who is drawn to the depicted individual in this scenario. There are, of course, women who reject these types as well. But the simple fact remains that women, especially those who wake up one morning and feel they have more yesterdays behind them than tomorrows ahead will “settle” for just about any relationship that prevents them from being alone, vs. simply being lonely. The nesting instinct can lead to pitiable choices.

  2. Simple enough, everything lies above, easy to find, a briliant strategy. You folk´s just hawe not seen it…

    I hawe carfully tested out the exact positions of everything in my apartment and it took me years to find it out.
    (It just looks like a mess behind belive to others… )

  3. There was a woman who use to live here as well but she obviously gone. This guy is depressed, he doesn’t care any more and he is struggling emotionally to keep it together and having a difficult time trying to climb out of the deep dark hole he has fallen into. I wish him all the best.

    Sometimes being a single guy isn’t all that great.

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