29 thoughts on “Russian Impassable Areas”

  1. just a lil tip… when your car gets stuck in the loose ground, DON’T try to drive out no matter how tempting it is. just chuck lots of wood and stones underneath your wheels and then do it. it works 90% of time

  2. The truck being lifted on a cableway is .. well .. the first time I’ve ever seen something like that. wow.

    That and what is the Russian translation of “Hey, hold my beer and watch this!” 🙂

  3. The picture with the dump truck being carried up to the top of the mountain is actually in Switzerland. You can read more at: http://www.roadtransport.com/blogs/big-lorry-blog/2011/03/astra-8×6-trucks-with-allison.html

  4. it is cleaerly seen that the third from the end is shopped by an 10 year old person/// why the hell do you need to post such?

  5. Never fails to surprise me how fearful these equipment operators are of using a simple shovel when they get stuck. Instead they try to pull it out, and invariably damage their equipment. Especially when it is merely a couple hours worth the digging.

    • Sal this is actually the first of eight that were lifted along with other equipment to construct a tunnel and hydro plant in Switzerland. 2000m above sea level.

  6. First rule, don’t drive out onto waterlogged silt. The outcome is never good.

    We have clay around here that is essentially the best grease ever invented when it’s wet. As to carrying weight, you don’t sink in much. I’ve seen a loaded truck get stuck two inches deep. The best way of getting out? Oat staw bales. Shove a flake under each tire and push it in with a stout stick when the tire spins. Bust up the rest to make your roadway back out. We had a D7 size Cat get stuck in it. Basically waited till late spring so the clay would dry out.

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