The Underground Town Eski Kermen

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Eski Kermen is the medieval city-stronghold in the Crimea. This name means “an old fortress” in the Tatar language. Eski Kermen was founded in the VIth century as a Byzantine stronghold and had existed till the end of the XIVth century. As it was not so big and important those times no significant events or historical facts remained.

But from the Xth century the town and naturally its importance began to grow. The prosperity of Eski Kermen is related to the XII-XIIIth centuries, when the town popularity was more than 3,000 people. In 1299 the stronghold was destroyed and ravaged by Mongols. Since that time it hasn’t restored its significance.

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Mountains have gentle slopes with beautiful peach orchards.

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This is the well-remained road leading to the main city gates, dungeons and guards room.

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Russians have shot here some interesting films about wars.

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Rocky half destroyed apartments.

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How they look in the Russian film “The 9th company”.

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These are guards rooms with benches and little windows. Caves are dug up mechanically.

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The way to the city.

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By the end of –•-–•IIIth centuries Eski Kermen became a little town with square quarters, temples on and under the ground.

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The former big temple.

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Prayer books, burial vaults, icons, candles and other elements of medieval churches.

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A monastic cell with fantastic acoustics.

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Passes between cells.

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The central street.

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The Southern gates.

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There are little bridges where rocks moved away from each other.

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A guard room.

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The places where formerly dwellings were.

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A cave shows the structure of rock.

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These caves served as patrol rooms.

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A ruined patrol tower.

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The central part of the caves town. Maybe there was something like a square?

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Storages helped the Eski Kermen dwellers to survive during long sieges.

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The main granary.

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And again the film sequence.

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It is hard to imagine how much time and strength they spent to build all these rooms, passes, corridors.

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One of the most impressive and popular angle of Eski Kermen.

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Citizens invented the rain water bend.

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The tragical siege well through which Khzars penetrated into the town in the VIIIth century, seized the main gates and killed practically all dwellers.

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Location : Krasnodarski Krai
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  1. To be honest personally i think places like this shod ramein ontuuched by to much tourism to keep the legends alive, think it had not been so cool if still habitated and deformed by modern living and commercial, well part of the natural process but effectivley take away most of the anicien mytic if one ask me…

    Wich i had my own rock tower out there can just imagine sitting in the top cave… Guess i would sit there for days.. Cool!

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