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    • Stop saying nonsenses, these girls are his daughters, Priest in the Orthodox and Eastern-Catholic Churches are almost all maried wth children.
      + Pax et Bonum

      • My statement can be interpreted to go either way: suspicion or admiration.

        But I don’t use a dead language to express myself: + Pax et Bonum back at ya! There’s a reason why they’re dead.

  1. Couldn’t help but notice the pic of him and the children looking at natural history photos. Wonder if he’s reminding them that, “These are fables, children.”

    • Well, european clergy has no problem with believing that God created Universe with solar system and Earth, that condensed naturally from most basic particles billions years ago accordingly with God’s plans. Also, they have no problem with belevigin, that Earth is populated by living beings, that evolved naturally from single cell organisms billion years ago, the way God liked them to. Science does not negate religion, it just doesn’t really support it directly.

  2. I agree he lives a beautiful life, more spiritual than material. It’s nice to see for a change.

    When people hear the word “priest(s)” in America, they commonly think of Catholic priest(s).

    A whole lot of people don’t trust priests since all the news of child s.e.x.u.a.l. abuse these days either.

    So it’s understandable how someone could make the kind of connection that Perristalsis made.

    It’s unnatral for human beings to go without having s.e.x.u.a.l. relations unless of course there is a medical condition that causes it.

    It’s nice to know the Orthodox priests don’t get hung-up on all the s.e.x. B.S. that Catholic priests do.

    • You know, there is very good reasons for Catholic Priests to be celibate: as celibate, they fully espouse the Church. And the celibate is not linked with the abuses: the protestant ministers that are maried are 5 times more likely to commit abuses. And most of the abuses of children take place in the family (its statistics).
      And maried life for Priests can be tough also: I can say you that it is difficult for their wives and children, because God is alway first in the life of the Priest before them, and also there has been some scandals of Priests (even a Bishop in Finland) cheating their wife… Maried life for Priests is as challengeful as celibate.

      • …the protestant ministers that are maried are 5 times more likely to commit abuses. And most of the abuses of children take place in the family (its statistics)….

        Please cite your sources and provide links to what you quote, I would like to read these statistics for myself.

        Thank you.

        • Hi! I am happy to help you.
          You have here facts: http://www.chnetwork.org/forum/moral-and-social-doctrine/%27it-ain%27t-just-catholic-priests%27-resources-on-shocking-statistics-of-clergy-sexu/?wap2
          And here also: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/659629/posts

          And here an interesting article about why people tend to focus on abuses by Catholic Priests: http://themaccabean.blogspot.com/2011/03/catholic-sex-abuse-scandal-really.html

          + Pax et Bonum

        • I have replied to you, but because of the links, the comment is awaiting moderation. It will appear in due time. But you can google “statistics abuses protestants catholic”, and you’ll have your answer.
          + Pax et Bonum

          • Lame GenDon, very lame to tell others to “go Google it”, when even you can’t provide it. Your future credibility on this forum is at stake, and so far all you have done is manage to show the participants you are a blowhard.

            “An empty barrel makes the most noise” – old Russian proverb.

          • It is as you said, since the links have been published, in fairness I withdraw my 5:16 a.m. post.

            I have examined the links and it is best summed up by the Anglican priest:

            “Go check the statistics and do not let the media cloud the issue or reinterpret the story for you. Precise statistics are hard to find, so I have tried to be as fair as possible here.”

            It would therefore be useless to debate any subject without absolute references (…Precise statistics…), so I will end my participation.

  3. This man acts like a man of God should act…he takes care of his family, and he is involved with the people of his parish. Looks like he is welcome and needed everywhere in that little town. God bless and keep him, his family, and his town.

  4. Nice pics showing a good person at work.
    I think I have heard that, when an orthodox priest marries, he can’t get higher places in hierarchy.
    Greetings to all.

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