“Karelia” Submarine Having Rest

"Karelia" Submarine Having Rest

"Karelia" Submarine Having Rest

A missile deck with lots of hatches where all sorts of strategic ammunition are kept.

"Karelia" Submarine Having Rest

View from the missile deck.

"Karelia" Submarine Having Rest

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"Karelia" Submarine Having Rest

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10 thoughts on ““Karelia” Submarine Having Rest”

  1. let´s just hope we don´t build more of those things.

    That thing could have wiped out half of Europe.

    Think of it.

  2. Honestly there is no harm in showing this. If you are inside Russia then you have your insight.If you are elsewhere like myself and somewhat educated about worldly things,then we have ours. Trust me no one doubts the power of Russian military or of the courage and strength of your people. Actually the west has great respect for Russia,who is kidding who. No one wants war during these times and we should be spending our money for other important things.

  3. Sure it dose but they are not afraid to scratch the paint and risk a few dings and bumps. I have seen Russian subs breaking through the ice lots of time that way they gain experience.
    Just remember it was a US submarine that was doing an emergency blow to show off and came right up under a big Japanese boat. How embarrassing was that?

  4. Cool pics!

    (Well, western things average does clearly not looks it´s in better shape or condition… so don´t complain folk´s remeber what the Army instruction books once told You, “Remeber that, The enemies weapon/equipment was made by the lowes billders and so are Yours…” That´s the truth guys. XD ) However, since “our brothers in East” no longer are our enemies today, i think we shall stop complain on everything we actually don´t know much about.
    We shall not forgot that we actually share some blood with each other, after all, we are not so different as it may seems here. Hope that we will become brothers and sisters again and trust each other some day. Not there yet maybe, but the first step is taken so let´s continue on that way.

  5. The upper works are called “the sail”, the control area at the top is called the “flying bridge”.
    Were you not allowed aboard the Akula in the last shot?

  6. Actually, its fairly new, about 30 yrs old; last of the pre-stealth boomers. Newer units have anechoic skin, like the Akula in the last pic. Carries about 18 MIRV ICBMs. Probably a training vessel now.

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