22 thoughts on “Lenin Modernized”

    • True story: Lenin confided to a Comrade he loved a soothing classical work but would not listen to it because he had to “harden” himself to the bloody task of repression in the Civil War years.

  1. Not-Russians probably did not understand the humor, because accustomed to fear and to hate Lenin. And in Russia people refer to Grandpa calmly. Some consider his a funny guy. At least Grandpa Lenin in a hundred times better than Bloody Georgian.

  2. The tragedy of Lenin that he was an idealist. He wanted to do as it better, but the “revolutions do idealists, but their the fruits of enjoy the scoundrels”.

  3. lenin is throwin up gang signs.there is a punk rock lenin,now there should be a long hair rocker lenin.this is the first post i have seen on this site with animation.

  4. I’m just glad that the Russian people finally have the freedom to do this sort of thing without fear of their door being kicked in during the middle of the night, and the whole family being taken away, never to be seen again.

    But there’s still too many statues and portraits of Lenin and Stalin. It’s time to do like the Romans and Egyptians and wipe these guys from history (at least remove the signs of them like the statues)

    • Actually since Khrushev’s era its very rare to find statue or portrait of Stalin. With Lenin things not better. For example in my city with population of 1.100.000 only 3 monuments to Lenin,it was the same even in soviet times. People don’t care about politics in nowerdays,thats why his monuments will stay for a long time,its just a part of our history.

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