18 thoughts on “The Earth From Space”

  1. These photographs are not from POCKOCMOC. They’re all taken by crew members of the International Space Station…which, of course, RosCosmos is part of…but some of these photos I know for a fact were taken by Capt. Doug Wheelock, USAF, and Paolo Nespoli of the Italian Army.

    • Well, soooo russian (read: soviet) way.
      Take something from somebody else and call it MINE.

      After some time from WWII nearly all products in 50’s and 60’s were made using stolen factories from Germany, they just renamed them.

      I see that this has not changed.

  2. Comrades, notice the Fibonacci spiral in the storm photo. There is a prevalence of spirals in the Universe, from spiral galaxies to storms to curling smoke to the whorl fingerprint pattern on human fingers.


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