29 thoughts on “Serious Bride, Serious Groom, Serious Wedding”

  1. What was this!? A shotgun wedding? Pre-arranged by the Kremlin or something? A wedding for the party but not for the people’s sake?

    The only way to tell it wasn’t a funeral was by the way she was dressed.

    • George, you cynical, ignorant fool; weddings in Soviet Russia had civil ceremonies, Christianity was persecuted.

      Although these people were poorer than those in the west they still lived much better than the vast majority of the world.

  2. Is it possible that they were happy but nervous because of some one taking pictures.I mean that back then maybe cameras were somewhat forbidden?

  3. I just hope they had an Octobering for their child and named it “Elektrifikatsiya” or “Iskra” or “Industriya” or “Traktorina.”

    • KGB colonel? He probably had her first husband sent to a gulag so he could get to her. She only married him so her first husband wouldn’t be hanged

      • Her first husband? Look at her – she is only 14.
        Anyway, changing old husband for the new colonel is a good deal. Look – she smiles. Ah, women are all the same.

  4. Serious business.

    “So did you get laid last night?”

    “Hell no, we studied Marx and listened to Lenin´s speech on the radio.” 🙂

    I wonder what´s going on with that handsome couple these days.

  5. Wow, forty years ago. On a human note, I hope everything turned out OK for them. Although if he really was a colonel (looks too young, surely?), I don’t much thank him for threatening us in Europe with annihilation for so many years.

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