19 thoughts on “The First Man In Space”

  1. Wow, he must have got l*&d alot! Gina L. and look how he held Tereshkova’s ears, was he practising?
    Just kidding. Yuri gargarin was a great man, it’s nice to see one of the pioneering space nations continue to explore the cosmos. The USA space funding went to ACORN.

  2. Yesyou got the right I saw the first human in space cause I was there. I’ll tell you something frst Russian people and then the United States of America you know something funny about it the American people were the first people that put a flag in me. Cause I was the witness cause I was there whe I saw them. By the way something especial about me I am almost the same size like the United States of America.

  3. I am the Universe I am full of surprices and I’m a treausure more than gold. By the way nice photograph of Yuri Gagarin.

  4. A woman that works at our company lived in Baykonur city as a child. Her father worked there. Once she was going to the shop with her mother and they had to cross the road. They were waiting for the cars to pass by. But suddenly one of the cars stopped and they saw Yuriy Gagarin to lean out of a window and waved his hand: “Go”. He was smiling exactly as on photos.

  5. Yuri Gagarin was a great man, deserved all the honors he received. What idealism and courage, did it for their great country, risked her life with no regrets!

    Korolev also was a great man, a genius that put Gagarin into space.

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