An Enigmatic Tunnel

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A very strange place was found in a remote forest by one photographer. On a small opening there was a round door leading to a long dirty and rusty tunnel of incomprehensible destination… Nobody could explain what that place is for…

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At the first sight it seems to be an ordinary Russian winter landscape…

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The entrance is quite inconspicuous…

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It’s hard to pass through the tunnel without being dabbled with mud.

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The strange corridor is about 1 kilometer long.

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Local means of locomotion.

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There is a pair of ladders leading upwards to the surface but they are terribly dirty – everything orange is liquid mud.

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Light at the end of the tunnel…

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Getting out of the creepy tunnel one probably understands what did Orpheus feel escaping the Underworld!

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25 thoughts on “An Enigmatic Tunnel”

  1. It was probably supposed to be a place to hide a military supply train. They could have kept it fully stocked and ready to go, and no one would even know it was there.

    • You got my vote,it makes perfect sense. I wonder if you could buy said tunnel and convert it into something interesting?

    • No, the tunnel is of insufficient diameter to accommodate railway wagons. Though based on the apparent remote location, it is almost certainly for military applications.

      • Perhaps a way to transport troops following a nuclear exchange in anticipation of an invasion? That would explain the vertical exit tunnels.

    • I have to agree with Testi (which ever one he is, left or right) very anti-climactic/pro-boring.

      What the Hell were you thinking ER? You were doing so good.

  2. It’s probably unfinished subway project. In Kiev there are 2 of these unfinished projects, they even have an article about it here on ER.

  3. Probably a GU LAG remain: at the time of the GU LAGs, they used to employ the prisoners in doing things that had no use at all, just to keep them busy and working. They used also to make them dig holes… just to keep the inmates busy.

    • Apparently, women have better logic (using your left-brain) while we right-brained dudes are all over the place (in space and time!).

  4. Maybe it is a service entrance for a future missle silo.During that time period the 2 giants of planet Earth started to be nice to each other so there was no need to build it!

  5. Very interesting photo shoot. I have a few questions. Why is the tunnel so full of mud and rust? The entrance is at grade level. Was the grade entrance sealed at one time allowing the tunnel to fill? I also see that there are two different tunnel styles. One tunnel is heavily ribbed and the other tunnel is more smooth bore. Are these two tunnels on the same elevation? Where does the light at the end of the tunnel go, or was this photo taken on the way back out? Is the vertical shaft located at the distant end of the kilometer long tunnel? Is the vertical shaft large enough for a missile silo? The entrance photo does not seem to show enough ground above the entrance to house a missile. If this were a missile silo then the horizontal tunnel could be for the exhaust blast discharge. Keep up the good work. I enjoy the photo trips.


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