Be Proud, Comrade

In Russia there is a special type of songs many men are glad to hear and sing – those are Russian army songs, the songs that were written or sung while the army service. As you might know they have to serve compulsory – each boy no matter where he was born or how wealthy he is (of course usually this is a subject to many more deriviations we won’t touch today) and the service itself usually is a very tough thing by itself. The famous Russian saying says something like “Have you served? Be proud. Haven’t? Stay happy.”, meaning that those who passed thru all this should be really proud of himself not to get down, and those who by some reason avoided the service must be really happy they escaped all this toughness.

But nevertheless the songs are sung by all as many think they reflect the true manhood and unity of the men. Sometimes it can’t stand to be comically inclined, but sometimes they even thing those on big scene.

7 thoughts on “Be Proud, Comrade”

  1. Excellent Post! Most Russian Men are good looking men and I love how they sing as themselves and not like in a classical way.

    I was listening to Russian Military songs maybe a week or so ago. But some of those were older songs.

    I don’t speak Russian so I don’t know if some of these songs are older Russian Army Songs with a faster temp or if they relatively newer songs.

    Of course I can tell that one song is of the Russian-Afgan War.

  2. The VDV music video is the best they sure know how to market themselves to recruits. Shhis i just watched it once and i wanna be in the VDV!

  3. Just like the US marines or any military branch from any country once you are a soldier, you are always a soldier in someway even after discharge. You feel proud about what you went through it’s the same ideal around the world.


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