The Most Important Achievements Of Russian People

The Most Important Achievements Of Russian People

Here you can see the most amazing achievements of Russian people in various spheres or just very important moments in the history of the Soviet Union.

Soviet nuclear test. Chagan. Atomic Lake.

The great nuclear explosion.

The first film about Russian town Zelenograd.

The film devoted to Yuri Gagarin.

The unforgettable closing ceremony of Olympic Games in Moscow, 1980.

The hockey in the Soviet Union was the pride of this country.

The Russian Top Secret Aircraft.

Talented Leon Theremin and his unexpected instrument.

The Most Important Achievements Of Russian People

Kolobob`s gun TBK-220. Soviet bull pup assault rifles, capable of fully automatic fire.

Ships on air cushions.

The atomic icebreaker “50 years of the victory”.

The Most Important Achievements Of Russian People

The Soviet Ilyushin Il-2 ground-attack fighter that played a great role in the Second World War.

Buran spacecraft that was launched in space.

The Most Important Achievements Of Russian People

All-terrain vehicles constructed by V. Grachev.

The Most Important Achievements Of Russian People

Tanks BB2.

Popular Russian group Dolphin.

Soviet Shuttle Buran piggybacked on Antonov AN225 Mriya.

The interface vehicles “Wings of Russia”.

The Most Important Achievements Of Russian People


The world’s first supersonic transport aircraft, The Tupolev TU-144.

The super car Vityaz.

The great Russian film “At Home among Strangers” directed by Nikita Mikhalkov.

The rocket SS-24 Scalpel.

Rocket carriers.

The launch missiles RS-20 “Satana”.

The tank IS-3.

Russian Shark is the biggest Russian nuke-submarine.

Massive radars near Chernobyl.

The anti-missile system A-135.

The Most Important Achievements Of Russian People

The Cat House (Dunai-3U) Soviet radar system.

Sukhoi T-4 Sotka (100) Soviet Heavy Supersonic Bomber.

The film “I am 20” , 1964.

A minute of silence in honor ย of killed people in the Second World War.

MI 12 is the largest helicopter in the world.

Alpha-42 is the fastest submarine.

Tarielka (EKIP).

The Yakovlev Yak-36.

The Antarctic .

The helicopter ย Mil V-7.

The four-engine supersonic bomber, Myasishchev M-50.

The project of flying submarine.

The boarding of Buran, 1988.

The Most Important Achievements Of Russian People

The big azimuth telescope.

The Most Important Achievements Of Russian People

AN-225 Mriya.

The Most Important Achievements Of Russian People
A good tape recorder.

The Most Important Achievements Of Russian People

Lovely Soviet kefir.

A film about Buran.

The Most Important Achievements Of Russian People

The heavy bomber Kalinin K-7.

The Most Important Achievements Of Russian People

Kalashnikov assault rifle.

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  1. The K-7’s very brief first flight showed up instability and serious vibration caused by the airframe resonating with the engine frequency. The solution to this ‘flutter’ was thought to be to shorten and strengthen the tail booms, little being known then about the natural frequencies of structures and their response to vibration.
    K-7 first flew on 11 August 1933. The aircraft completed seven test flights before a crash due to structural failure of one of the tail booms on November 21, 1933. The accident killed 14 people aboard and one on the ground. Although two more prototypes were ordered in 1933, the project was cancelled in 1935 before they could be completed.


    • DeHavilland Comet Breakups from resonance induced metal fatigue. The most spectacular to watch is a Vertol helicopter going into ground resonance and ripping itself apart.

  2. haha, and what about a normal car? or normal flats? or roads?
    is there nothing to be proud of except killing machines?
    The plane on the first pic is Ukrainian (see the flag!)

    • The plane is Soviet. Ukraine, along with Belarus was an essential part of the Soviet Union and Antonov Design Bureau is based in Ukraine, as is Ivchenko-Progress Design Bureau, which built its engines. Due to dissolution of the Soviet Union, the An-225 project was abandoned after one plane was completed in 1988. A second one is partially constructed, but has been halted since 2009. (reads a lot of wikipedia)

  3. When did Soviets invent amphibious ships or as you say it, “ship on air cushions”? I had no idea, really, I’m amazed. ๐Ÿ˜

    One more thing, you’re killing me with the size of this post. Maybe you should of made two posts out of this one post. I’ve seen you make a post out of just one video, so I know it can be done. ๐Ÿ˜•

    No, two more things (I forgot), that Theremin instrument sounds suspiously like an Erhu. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Russian are not the only oneโ€™s who think that bigger is better.
      Look at Americans,they are big,their cars are big and have big engines,big buildings and….,…..,…..

  4. Ah ! The Tu-144 and Bouran. Great copies from Concorde and Space Shuttle. Except there were used a much shorter time…

    • The supersonic bomber, Myasishchev M-50 is a great copy of the b58 hustler. Nothing original. Even their new fighter is a copy of the F-22

      • PAK-FA a copy of F-22? Why because it has two wings and two engines? The PAK-FA has its roots from the Flanker’s and anyone who cant see the difference between the two should not be commenting on the subject.

      • The only airplane the Russians ever “copied” was the Tu-4. All others were either domestic designs or licensed for production like the Li-2.

          • Yes T, the Tu-4 was copied from the Boeing B-29. None of your other examples were copied by the Russians.

          • Are you just listing planes that look similarly? I do understand the misconception about the B1 and Tu-160, only difference between the two is one is bigger, faster, and has a lower radar cross section then the other. ๐Ÿ™‚ White Swan FTW

            • Doesn’t recognize that form follows function. It’s like a car manufacturer producing one very successful model. And then all the other car manufacturers copying it. Except when you walk up to it and realize that the shape may be similar, but the guts are totally different. So what, if the TU-4 was a copy. Look at a early Japanese Mazda engine. At first glance it’s a BMW ripoff, until you start taking it apart and realize that it’s a field repairable engine that BMW could have made so that mechanics didn’t have to use specialized tools to make it work. Enough stuff was different to actually be an improvement over the original design.

  5. In my opinion reverse engineering something is not a thing to brag about. The fact that the Soviets had to play catch up to keep in step with SOME of the American technology is just a fact of history. Almost every country has used technology from another country. The Americans learnt to heal bone fractures from German examples during WWI. And after WW2 the Americans used German rocket technology. (As did the Russians) Canadians have invented/discovered insulin,the pacemaker and electron microscope. I have no problem with different countries using these things. It is just a result of an ever increasing global community. Look at 1912-1945 Japan as a great example of technological piggybacking.

      • Ha,forgot that one testicules. Just because I’m an old WW2 junkie. I’ll bring up three deciding factors during the war. #1 Project Manhattan U.S.A./U.K./Canada. #2 T34 Tank/U.S.S.R. #3 M1 Garand invented by Canadian John Garand 1888-1974.

  6. And there is Russian hospitality.Maybe I will marry a Russian girl,no need to fly there,I could find 1 in 1 of the 50 states!

  7. You sort of missed Chernobyl and a few millions of people murdered by Stalin & others (including Putin, who probably has his share).

  8. And the biggest concentrations camps network in the world? GU LAG? I do not think technical achievment is worth millions of dead people. That is the difference beetween communism and democracy: communism kills and terrorizes people in order to achieve great things, democracy pays people and permits them to live freely in order to achieve great things.
    + Pax et Bonum

  9. All of these achievements taken from the labor and ingenuity of other nations while murdering millions of there own peoples . SPIT

  10. And 2 of the greatest movies of all time: “Battleship Potemkin” and “Ivan the Terrible.”
    “Aelita” was also verrrrrrry coool!!

  11. How about the greatest anarchist theoreticians: Mikhail Bakunin and Peter Kropotkin.
    And one of the greatest anarchist men of action: Nestor Makhno.

  12. We don’t dare forget Sikorsky he left his mark and saved a hell of a lot of people,and his invention wasn’t discovered by accident.

    • A. Bunka here. Soyuz is a fine craft, but it won’t go to the moon. I have heard that the Russians are building a moon ferry that will travel from earth orbit to lunar orbit, and yes, I am sure they are counting on the USA as a customer.

  13. Buran was shown 3 times! He was designed by my uncle, and he was not a Russian , he was a Kazakh, though a Russian citizen.

  14. Yes Russia does have a lot of acchievments worth noteing. Pity you get this page off to sucha bad start by putting up a picture of a Ukranian aircraft.

  15. Many achievments of Americans in 19th century – stolen someone else’s achievments (or purchased for chicken feed), which they patented faster.

  16. Those country sure has cool airplanes and all countries also has cool airplanes as well. I am sure your’e country is awesome.

  17. The Most Important Achievements Of Russian People?

    in regards to your flying sub. you never actually built one so how is that an achievement?

    If that an achievement then USA claims the first inter-planet transporter, we call it the โ€œStar Gateโ€ because we thought it up.

    We also have and have had inter-planet spaceship since the 60โ€™s the most famous one is call the Enterprise and comes in several versions

    Now before you think Iโ€™m just some arrogant American let me say that I think englishrussian is cool and have it saved as a favorite.

    I like seeing life in Russia

  18. Woodpecker, heh, I remember coming across that sound on Short Wave and cursing it for the useless noise it produced.

  19. Most important does not donate useful it is more a hyperbole of impression. You should rather check out a list then of domestic achievements of the CCCP or Russian Federation (Or even the Russian Empire) if you want ๐Ÿ™‚

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