26 thoughts on “Days Of Russian Students”

  1. Идиоты! Ну посмотрите первоисточник! Здесь же половина из фотографий об этом общежитии. И попробуйте-таки читать по русски.

      • 2 out of 3 posts here doesn`t have the whole story
        or reposted pictures a picked (like 30 out of 50) for “fun” or “only in Soviet Russia” style
        If there is a girls@cars pictures only strange pics are shown.
        Same happends at Russian sites about foreign countries, some “people of walmart” are very popular

  2. Geez. How could anyone live in these conditions? I am also a student and I also live in a dorm, but, comparing to this, my room has a 5star quality.

  3. you are just pathetic in their needs of comfort … When I was a student I had the same disorder and drunkenness. Now of course I live in comfort but then I remember how the most fun and carefree

  4. This is a leading university students in the Chemical Engineering Education and Training for the Chemical Industry and Science of Russia. And then pictures of the university.
    http://ekimoff.ru/162/ In other schools the situation is worse 🙁


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