The Most Beautiful Pipe-Rolling Factory Ever

Vysota239 48

Being invited to a tube-rolling factory one may ask: “What is so interesting in grey, dirty and plain workshops?” Well, in Chelyabinsk tube-rolling factory everything is a lot different. Following the previous post about this extraordinary Russian factory let’s have a tour along its bright and colorful workshops.

The shop “Vysota 239” (“Height 239”) was named so because of its location above the sea level.

Vysota239 8

Main entrance.

“Height 239”

Vysota239 9

From this bridge one can observe all the manufacturing stages.

Vysota239 10

Vysota239 11

The dimensions amaze.

Vysota239 12

Sheets for future pipes.

Vysota239 13

Vysota239 14

Vysota239 15

The bridge is so long that one doesn’t even see its end.

Vysota239 16

Vysota239 17

Vysota239 18

A crane with powerful magnets places the sheets on conveyor.

Vysota239 19

Vysota239 20

Vysota239 21

Vysota239 22

Complicated mechanism.

Vysota239 23

Vysota239 25

Vysota239 26

Metal shavings.

Vysota239 27

Pipe welding.

Vysota239 29

Vysota239 30

Some strange symbols from pipes’ edges.

Vysota239 31

Vysota239 32

Vysota239 33

Vysota239 34

Factory workers show their children the working process.

Vysota239 36

Vysota239 37

Vysota239 38

Vysota239 39

Vysota239 40

18 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Pipe-Rolling Factory Ever”

  1. Beautiful, modern place with many touches of creativity and artistry, but it makes since when you remember that pipe means pipelines, and pipelines are a key component of the Russian energy (oil and gas) sector. I suspect that plant also has very good security, as it should.

  2. There was a post about this plant last year here, the design of the buildings and the terretory of the plant is also very interesting.
    This metalurgical group (CHTPZ) also opened another plant with the same kind of design last year it is called Iron Ozone 32, also very cool.
    The group wanted to go public in the London stock exchange this year, but they wasnt pleased with the price they could have got, so the postponed it for the future.

  3. Second page, photo # 8, the man in the green coat with his hand on the blondie’s waist is probably fantasizing about laying some pipe.

  4. Those “strange symbols” are actually Data Matrix barcodes printed on the edge of the pipe. They contain a control code, in this case: 0020162000


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