Peep Into The Museum Depository

Museum 9

Did you ever want to know what is stored in a museum despite the exhibitions we can see? Welcome to the back rooms of the “Moscow Contemporary Art Museum”.

“Moscow Contemporary Art Museum”.
Museum 2

That’s how the museum welcomes a visitor.

Museum 3

Museum 4

Access control is quite strict.

Museum 5

View from the windows is already enough for one to visit the museum.

Museum 6

In this room Napoleon Bonaparte used to spend his nights during invasion of Moscow.

Museum 7

The depository volume 4 times exceeds the volume of the exhibits.

Museum 8

Museum 1

Those displays that need to be treated more carefully get wrapped.

Museum 9

Museum 10

All the exhibits get photographed by a woman who may be called “electronic archivist”.

Museum 11

Only three people work in the restoration shop.

Museum 12

The process of bringing a painting back to life.

Museum 13

First the painting gets covered with paper and then gets ironed.

Museum 14

Museum 15

Womens’ hands work miracles – the woman hold a cured painting in her hands.

Museum 16

The most difficult thing is to choose the paper of the right color. The rest is defined by the skill of a restorer.

Museum 17

Museum 18

More complicated case. But it was also treated skillfully.

Museum 19

After being glued and wet it has to lie under the pressure a bit.

Museum 20

Restorer’s set.

Museum 21

This is by no means rubbish, but a precious restorer’s material.

Museum 22

No jokes here – up-to-date ventilation system is an imoprtant component during museum “rescue operations”.

Museum 23

That is how the paintings are stored.

Museum 24

Each is described.

Museum 25

One of the interesting displays.

Museum 26

Museum 27

There is even a real drawing school for kids in the museum.

Museum 28

Such young people practically run the museum.

Museum 29

One can, of course, buy some souvenirs here.

Museum 30

Recent museum exhibition poster. “Kamasutra spoon.”

Museum 31

Location: Moscow

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  1. Very Nice, but I want to see more pictures of art they have in the storage like mummys and shrunken heads, things like that. Okay I’m kidding, kinda. Great Photos, Thanks for sharing them Mr. Dolya and EngishRussia.

  2. Cool. I love museums and galleries of all types. Sergey Dolya puts some interesting stuff on his journal. I wish he had an English translation. Even more so, I wish I could read more than a few words of Russian.


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