17 thoughts on “You’ve Never Seen St.Petersburg Like This”

  1. Unfortunately sub-standard housing still exists in SP. If the flats where I live were in their condition, they would be condemned by my city.

  2. Been in Pietr 2009.
    And my heart aches seeing these pictures.
    This city is truly one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.
    Best wishes to the twin city of my beloved Hamburg!
    What a perfect couple..

  3. No Archy or Testicules? I have no fascist to debate… 🙁

    I’ll just say Magnitogorsk (sotsgorod) is a better city than Petrograd, which is overcrowded with “artists” and the wealthy who are parasites.

  4. From what I’v heard Piter is one of the fabulous cities. Especially in summer ,,light nights”. That is the time, than the whole city is bright at night, with all the people awaken.

  5. The picture with the girl in focus and the rest are blurred is one of the very best i have ever seen. But they are all beautiful. It would be nice to see inside some of these places.


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