Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Despite the radiation, around the exclusion zone and inside it life is in full swing. The inhabitants abandoned the territory after the nuclear catastrophe in 1986, but it’s still a good place for wolf, fox and racoon dog hunting, because in Byelorussia they are not protected by ecologists.

Hunter drags the dead body of a wolf, while his colleagues remove the warning flags. 18 miles from the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power station.

Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Hunters and a killed wolf, not far from Chekha village.

Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Hunters flaying the wolf not far from Chekha village.

Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

A trail of blood on the snow after the flaying.

Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Hunters and a wounded wolf, Chernobyl NPS exclusion zone, not far from Antonovka village, about 370 km (230 miles) southeast of Minsk.

Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

A hunter holds a wouded wolf down.

Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Hunters skinning a killed wolf, Chernobyl NPS exclusion zone, 370 km southeast of Minsk.

Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Location: Chernobyl

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  1. The ecologists will say oh why would you kill such a beautiful creature. I would say in order that future generations of wolves will live……..
    Wildlife management helps with over population and diseases that run rampant when wolf populations skyrocket and competition for food is fierce. The thinning out of white tail deer in North America was proof that a healthy population of deer is the way for the deer to prosper.

    • The reason we have to thin the deer population in the first place is because we’ve displaced many of their predators. Contrary to popular belief, nature is perfectly adept at maintaining balance WITHOUT us.

  2. Ho aperto il link in attesa di vedere i lupi con tre occhi e bestie mostruose create da radiazioni.

    E ho trovato queste foto, come da una rivista di caccia.

  3. A. Bunka here.

    Has ER gone all liberal as well as commie? Killing animals is hardly a crime you pansies.

    God save the Republican party.

  4. I recently read a good novel that takes place mostly in the Exclusion Zone around Chernobyl, or, as the Ukrainian militia captain says repeatedly, “In Ukrainian it’s Chornobyl.” The novel was written by Martin Cruz Smith and is called Wolves Eat Dogs. Smith is more famous for “Gork Park,” which introduced readers to Russian detective Arkady Smith. In Wolves Eat Dogs Renko is sent to the Exclusion Zone to investigate the murder of a prominent Russian businessman. It’s all tied to the Soviet reaction of the Chernobyl disaster. Smith writes a lot about life in the Excusion Zone, including the “black” villages, wildlife, etc. And, in relation to this post, the villagers mention several times that they don’t have dogs because “wolves eat dogs.” I enjoyed the novel and recommend it for anyone interested in one fictional portrayal of the social and political implications of Chernobyl.

  5. Well our country of the United States of America is awesome! Well our country is not like Russia country and they protect awesome and dangerous creatures. I feel sorry of that innocent creature that well that’s that we can’t do nothing for that innocent creature. Everyone knows every country is different. Do you think I like when the innocent wolf died offcurse not.

    • Yer a ignorant bonehead. There are times, places, and situations that will require the removal of problem animals, even in the “so called great nation USA”. (What’s so great about it anyway?)

      Keep yer ugly nationalisms and yer fake ecology poses to yerself.

      PS they are skinning the wolves to obtain their pelts so as to not waste the animals, and NO they don’t eat them.

      • Thank you for saying that. Look you know I did not mensioned about they eating the innocent wolf’s. So the reason I said about Our country is better because at leat they care about wild animal’s and domestic animals. And you don’t even know our country. So our country is not fake. And if you called our country nationalism something is wrong with you. For me all countries are equal. I also did not mensioned our country is great. It is not fair you ofend our country I havent even ofend your country. If you don’t like our country I don’t have a probroblem with it.

      • I am not ignorant. Yes your right some people do animal cruelty to innocent animals but at least we have police animal to rescue them and they care. But when they found out who did it they go to jail. And the reason I said we can’t do nothing for the innocent creature because we can’t tell that people what to do.Since they their country doesn’t have a law to protect wild animal’s they can’t get in trouble and they will keep doing it because pherhaps to sell it’s skin or I don’t know. Well When I said our country is awesome another word for saying amazing.Game over Sincerly, Cross

        • You merely think you know OUR country sweetie. Try spending some time out on the reservations out west!

          Try living in Queens, post Katrina Nawlins, or any part of Detroit. The US was great and it has lost the vision that made it great. We are outsourcing our jobs, screwing the middle class, pursuing foreign wars and being bled white by having to pay for f’in NATO. We are not taking care of our public while at the same time we spend Billions to follow out-dated conservation efforts.

          So, tell me what is so great, if you can?

          I’m a lot older than you seem to be, until you have actually gone around and tried to live, I would reserve judgment if I were you.

  6. Who knew Ukrainian wolves look just like dogs? I wonder if it was infact a dog or mixed offspring of dogs left behind.

    I have no problem with people hunting for food but I do not see any amount of sport in such activities

  7. Question:
    What do administration of Reserve Park do when population of predators (wolves) grow faster than they expected?
    They start to give license for a hunt.

  8. Look at the smiley faces of hunters over the suffering wolf, human is the worst and most barbarian of animals as is the only one that kills for satisfaction, not for survival.

    • Yes, this nature is wonderful, when people like these don’t spoil it. But where do you see the beauty? In suffering, blood soaked animal?

  9. This land is your land this land is my land from California to New York city from the red wood forest to the ocean stream water this land was made for you and me. This goes to OldBikr so I don’t poses to my self we share the land and all the citizen. I not sure what’s wrong with him or her. Game over

    • The first motorized carriage was invented by Daimler (a German) but Henry Ford did introduce the assembly line to manufacturing which was revolutionary and built a significant amount of wealth for the industrialized world.

  10. Forget about the stores Our country was the first to invent the first television he was an American. The inventor of the first car was an American also. The inventor of the first telephone he was not an American but he invented the first telephone in the U.S.A. What ever our country doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m sure your country is also good at something. The first person to invent the first trafficlight was an African American. I think all country are equal but differently. Game over

    • Forget about the stores Our country was the first to invent the first television he was an American.
      Yes, russian engineer Vladimir Kozmich Zworykin moved to USA.
      The inventor of the first car was an American also.
      Nope, Karl Friedrich Benz was a German engine designer and car engineer, generally regarded as the inventor of the gasoline-powered cars.
      Anyway Why are you people so emotional about that hunting, they might do it to protect livestock or population of European bison(zubr) or it could be a population explosion of the wolves etc.
      People kill other people for petroleum and you just hug trees.

    • You still sound ignorant. Learn about your country before you presume to any opinions. You CLEARLY do not know what you are trying to talk about.

      Learn about Moton, Code Talkers, Geo.W.Carver, Red Cloud, and how many times our government has broken treaties because something of value was found on a reservation.
      Learn what significance of the Mataponi Reservoir project has for English-Us History.


      • “You still sound ignorant. Learn about your country before you presume to any opinions.”

        Why do you have to start the personal insults to a person who issues just what you call it – an opinion? And, if you will stop insulting people long enough to look up the definition of “opinion,” you will see that it a person really isn’t obligated to “learn” anything in order to have one. Opinion is not fact, it does not have to be based on science, research, or any other tangible measurement of knowledge. If you are really “old,” then please act it and show a little grace to what is most likely a much younger person.

        • Greetting! Where you the one who said a person isn’t obligated to learn. I want to say thank you to you I appreciate when I read it. It make me have the courage to write back to the people. I’m thankful to you at least you were nice. Thank you Airborne. Have a great day!

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      • OldBirk I have learned about my country they protect wildlife when you still didn’t wrote to me. I said my country is awesome because they protect wild animal’s. I thought your country also protect wild animal’s then you camed up and offend me. And when I said our country is not like Russia because they don’t seem to protect wild animal’s that’s all. I also said amen brother for respect for the innocent wolf’s then you get angry for what? Then you said what is great about U.S.A anyway? Then I tried to explained. You know insecond thought the most important is our people than stuff’s without their help or any anscestor’s our world would not be a better place for us in the future. we should appreciate and not be evil.

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  11. Wolf hide is good for what? Wolves were put there for a reason, it’s not like they’d skin a dog for boots. I don’t get why people kill wolves, they help balance the ecosystem.

    Thought I accept that being at the top of the food chain, humans have the ability to eliminate any animal below us like the breeds of tigers that have been extincted. Hunters believed it was the right thing to do, I just don’t understand what makes it right other than we have the ability to do it.

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  12. Why is everyone crying about this? Its just a wolf. A wolf dragged a child out of the play ground and to the woods, they found the child torn to pieces. Besides Wolves are useless.

  13. The inherent issue with the “poor dog” argument is that these highly overpopulated animals that become dangerous in proximity to people and happen to be thoroughly contaminated with radiation to boot……if they ever hope to repopulate these areas the removal of the overpopulation has to be done.not to mention these animals get aggressive when population stresses food sources and they but up against people.many of the areas where they are hunting these radiative animals aren’t in the abandoned parts of chernobyl but in the areas around it that are still populated.there have been multiple recent boar attacks and wolf attacks along the German border where these radiative animals causing damage to hunters livelihood and farmers live stock to the point government aid is handed because of the damages.

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