23 thoughts on “Wedding Photo Fails”

  1. As an expert in psychological analysis I can tell you that many of these photos represent Russian desire for dominance, even in family relations. Notice the shrunken husbands and wives, and the happy smiles of their regular-sized spouses. See? Only dominance makes a Russian truly happy. That is why all foreign men who go to Russia to look for brides should be aware that Russian women may marry you, but you will never have their true respect and obedience unless you have a good healthy set of strong and sizeable testicles.

  2. These . pictures . FAIL SO HARD!!!! 😀 So funny!!!!

    I used to shoot weddings, and I worked for a while with a guy from Iran, who had lived in Turkey a few years. Apparantly in Turkey they love this style, and he would try to make our photos into these. He shopped in Pirate ships, all sorts of things! I felt so bad laughing, but it was unintentionally hilarious, what he would “create.”

    • This Iranian was probably a very tasteful photography designer before he was corrupted by the Turks, who love to insert into their portraits random objects such as animals, luxury cars, symbols of astronomy, and – if it is a photo of an older man and they desire to show his virility to prospective internet brides – testicles.

  3. Except for the woman on her haunches with the apple and the rainbow, most of these actually aren’t that bad. They’re funny and the people are happy so maybe we should mind our business???

  4. Maybe this is their idea of having fun, but these photographs are completely YUK!

    And I know there are Russian Women out there who have beautiful photographs of their wedding day, because I’ve seen some of them.

  5. Why “fail”? Didn’t see anything wrong about these photos. Some of them are kitsch but mostly they are funny, just something unusual to remember from wedding day.

    If you ever attend a young couple wedding in Russia, Ukraine etc, you’ll see that they look like big party, lots of jokes, lots of vodka. Most people in these countries have civilian wedding, not religious which means a few formalities, singing down some papers and then fun begins and people just get loose, too loose sometimes. These photos reflect this loose spirit.

  6. Fanny!! :)))
    Luckily, such photos are typical for certain segments of society. Unfortunately, there are many families like this in Russia. They have no since of style, they have not so bright lifes. So I hope they have love and happy in their families! Course it’s the most important: their own attitude!

  7. The black-and-white or sepia-colored ones would have been gorgeous without the terrible touchups. Those were the only ones I liked out of the whole set.

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