13 thoughts on “St. Petersburg’s Past – Leningrad”

  1. Lots of forming into ranks and marching. The Soviets were really into order, weren’t they? Kind of like another socialist group that developed a short while later to Russia’s west. . . .

      • You could argue that theory in a university course or coffee shop or some other place where people gather to blow smoke up each other’s arse and otherwise waste time and money, but in reality Fascism and Communism have MUCH in common, such as state control, either de jure or de facto, of almost everything, including the media, as well as a general “join us or we’ll destroy you” mentality reflected through a high ration of secret police, informants, mass arrests, executions without trial, forced labor, indoctrination to an extreme, strict limits on travel abroad, replacement of Christianity, Judaism, etc. with a “national” religion, . . . I could go on and on. Yeah, I’d say there is quite a comparison.

  2. Because Marxists don’t believe in the cult of personality it will always be Petrograd in my mind.
    Really enjoyed the pic of Comrade N. Bukharin, the “mind” of Soviet Marxism.

    • I admire your desire to avoid cults of personality (I don’t like them either), but I thought Petrograd was named after Peter the Great, who was quite a personality, at least according to the English.

      • Peter was an emperor. In Russia emperor was almost divine. So replacing monarchy in Russia for communism couldn’t destroy a thousand year old habit of creating cults of personalities.

      • FYI the city was named after St.Peter (nothing to do with Peter the Great). It was renamed in 1914 when WW I began and Russia was against Germany, so to keep patriotic spirit the city was given Russian version of the same name.

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