Greetings From The Golden Horde

Several furnaces, which were used for preparing the glass mass, were found as well as many glass items, blanks and waste products.

Greetings From The Golden Horde

One more significant archeological find is a Muslim necropolis and minor shrines.

Greetings From The Golden Horde

Greetings From The Golden Horde

In an ancient burial crypt 23 silver coins of 1430s were found.

Greetings From The Golden Horde

In 1975 three major objects were found: two aristocratic estates and a vast ceramics workshop.

Greetings From The Golden Horde

Large “palace” could boast of several living spaces with corridors for connection, a bathroom and a square pool with a pipeline.

Greetings From The Golden Horde

Some rooms were decorated with gilt and relief.

Greetings From The Golden Horde

Greetings From The Golden Horde

Location: Selitrennoye

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  1. 5,000 horses with good straight teeth, 10,000 baskets of grain with no sign of mold, mildew, or rot, and 1,000 healthy women able to pitch tents, bake bread, and bear children.

  2. It looks like a staged movie set. I wouldn’t doubt it if it was or is or has been used for making films. This is an interesting post with the tale and photographs. It’s a very different post too. I like that. Thank You.

  3. it look likes it has been built recently… with those russian archeologs, we never know, because they like to rebuild stuff as if they were new.

  4. Kinda looks like the Native American pueblos of the South Western US.

    There are remarkable similarities in the construction methods and materials.

    Thank you for a fascinating pictorial.

    EnglishRussia rules! all of the other sites just drool.

  5. it just makes you want to go back to being a kid for a day and explore all those cool steps and windows. I wish there was more pictures of inside but still very amazing.

  6. I don’t know what those photos are of, but they do not seem to correspond to anything else on the web about Sarai. There were two Golden Horde cities that used that name, but the location of the second is somewhat in dispute. And both almost completely disappeared hundreds of years ago, leaving no significant ruins today. The first Sarai is thought to have been found, but links on the net indicate meagre excavated ruins and nothing like what is in those photos. I’m guessing it may really be a reconstruction of a Horde or another different era community; certainly the wooden water wheel has to be.

  7. A. Bunka here.

    This is not an ancient city, this is a reconstruction, set or something else, But it is modern (relatively).

    Fake Russian archaeologists.

    God bless the America Archaeological Institute.

  8. I knew it was too good to be true. but still awesome movie set, a lot of work went into it, it must have been a good movie, anyone know what movie was filmed there?

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