Would You Swap Florida To Kazakhstan?

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About a year ago Jonathan, an ordinary guy from Florida, was sent as a volunteer to a small remote village in Kazakhstan. He’s 22 years old and teaches English to the kids coming from low-income groups.

The guy lives alone, his girlfriend, two brothers and parents were left in sunny Florida.

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A year was enough for Jonathan not only to learn the Kazakh language, but also to cope with difficulties of the poor village life.

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“I once saw a boy kicking a cat on the street and took the animal home”. Fluffy still lives with Jonathan.

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All the money from the volunteer organization “Peace Corps” are being spent on the rent, coal, Internet, food and some stationery.

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Such volunteers don’t choose a place to go, they are sent where needed.

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26 thoughts on “Would You Swap Florida To Kazakhstan?”

  1. He must have a kazak girlfriend to keep him warm. I live in Florida. The longer you stay in the tropics the more cold weather affects you.

  2. Ok. I guess his welcome to be in our country I hope he enjoy’s to be in our country. I would never change florida into Kazakhstan but people are welcome to live in our country. I’m glad he has a family I wish I could help but I can’t because I don’t have a job and I’m a student who goes into school. When I grow up and have a job I will help the poor people. I was born in The United States of America so in the future I would be glad to help the poor people.

    • Florida is horrible in the summer, beautiful in the winter. Besides, it’s good to get away at some point in ones life, in his case he got very far away. But I’d rather see him improving the lives of the Kazah then making no difference in Africa or the Middle East.

  3. Why I would not change Florida into Kazakhstan because is a beutiful and perfect name. And I’m glad people from another country comes into our country except they must not harm our country that’s all. Well our country doesn’t even talk Kazakhstan language by the way some other beutiful country name already has that name.

  4. In the mean time, girls in the Peace Corps are being sent to countries where they’re being violently raped, and the PC does NOTHING to help them. In fact, most of the time it blames the girls.

  5. Seriously what country is that? Well maybe is not the United States of America. Maybe is Russian country and maybe they called there place Florida. have fun!

  6. The people in the photograph I think he is a smart teacher and he is nice with the cat I hope those people where ever they have fun. The place looks like a school well at the same it look like an apartment anyway I hope those student’s enjoy there school because it’s fun being in school you learn new things every day.

  7. THANK YOU for putting these pictures up! I’m in the process of applying to the Peace Corps and may go to Eastern Europe or Central Asia- one of the countries to which I may go is Kazakhstan.

  8. This is one admirable dude, instead of chasing insurgents and trying to survive IED’s in the armed forces, he’s truly helping end human misery and deprivation through self- help, and I guarantee he’ll come home with a lot more wisdom than what he went over there with.

  9. I still want to know what he’s going to do with the cat when he goes home, damn it? And I am not posting to quickly or whatever the Hell that message says.

    • We will make a nice kitty kuirdak dish to celebrate American boy’s return to his home in sunshine state Florida, home of my true love Pamela Anderson, where he will give to her for me a steel statue of my testicles.


  10. A. Bunka here.

    Peace Corps are another great creation of the American nation. It’s not good enough for us to secure the world against itself, we even bring safety and happiness to the world with our Peace Corps.

    God bless the USA.

  11. Easy decision … the place with friendlier & slimmer people, lower crime rate, better food & beer and which doesn’t invade & bomb other countries


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