16 thoughts on “Travel To Everyday Soviet Life”

  1. Photo #8 demonstrates favorite rural Soviet pasttime of “pig molestation.” As you can see from the expression of shock on the pig’s face, the photographer – an expert – took this photo exactly at the moment when the villager grabbed the pig by his . . . you know.

  2. Very cool photos. Thanks for posting them.

    I love the photo on page 1 of the woman sitting on the cart and the guy standing on the path looking at her. She looks like she’s thinking, “Screw it. I’m not working anymore until I rest.”

  3. Needs moar watermark. Some of the photos are almost visible.

    No, I like the juxtaposition of the picture of the big cat in the cage staring at the man with the water, then the next picture is of people in a cage! LOL.

  4. Indeed the photographer is really an expert. There is so much talent for composition and contrast in his prints, to which today’s digital photography cant even come close. Truely amazing!

    • I thought most of the photos presented decent “everyday” representations of life and lifestyle. There was only one – the drunk on the sidewalk – that could be seen negatively, but unfortunately almost every city in the world has its share of drunks.

      Besides, that guy, who is probably a good guy and hard worker, may have just learned earlier in the day that his girlfriend ran off and left him for a Moscow Party leader with his own car and a nice dacha in the woods north of town. Give him a break.

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