31 thoughts on “Move It Everybody!”

  1. A. Bunka here. “Very hip, slowly aging, young people..dancing with depraved abandon to a pile of AM radios, all of which are tuned to a different staion…ripping off small personal possessions from one another, and smoking an awful lot of dope.”

  2. I know what you,re thinking…we,ve gone from Rachmaninoff to this. Well, I’ll take Rachmaninoff, however, if the kids want to listen to such junk let them have fun.

    • Hey Arch, what do you mean about my books? I only read objective, unbiased books (which would eliminate 90 per cent of books about Communism from U.S. authors). And I can’t afford to visit there, I am not a wealthy bourgeoise Republican or a tax-cheat or someone who owns GE stock.

  3. A. Bunka here.

    The youth of Russia is corrupt. They no longer care about their pride or appearance and just willingly make fools of themselves and their nation.
    I am glad to be a proud upstanding American with no desire to act like a fool for a few seconds of fame.

    Long live the USA.

  4. They can have all fun they want, the main thing is not to consume drugs… And they don’t care if someone think they’re fools, I also wouldn’t care…

  5. Lately why Russians become such a scumbags.
    No moral in society, where is the moral codes of Russian society once they are famous for.
    Moscow become one of the most hatred city and criminal city of the world, where you can only find skinny head, drug addicts, prostitutes with disease and young Russians who are worse than serial killers.

  6. It is good for the Russian youth to enjoy themselves while they can. Sadly, as childhood is left behind their options will be limited by the Russian so-called “economy.” The girls may become sellers at a kiosk or prostitutes in Dubai. Many of the boys will soon learn the life of a conscript in the Russian army, a gang member doing an oligarch’s dirty work, or a male attendant in a Turksiah bath, being forced to speak English with a British accent and answer to the name “Lawrence” while fondling the testicles of a man dressed in a Turkish army officer’s uniform.

  7. Nice to see your youngsters having fun. Shame about all the litter in the forest though.
    Unlike some of the earlier comments above, I do not see any of the teenagers letting down Russia and you can still hold your heads high.

  8. This is a video taken in 2005 in a forest near St petersburg.
    This was the hardbass like dancefloor, but near that was a big legal techno rave withe hundreds of people and good music.

  9. Man that first VID made me laugh. That was a straight up rave!! It makes my heart warm to know our eastern brothers and sisters are getting down to the beat!!

    Now I have to admit here in America we donโ€™t dance like that at a rave. (Well most donโ€™t)

    God I would love to go to a party in Russia and add some flavor to their dance moves.



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