9 A Little Story About A Great Adventure – Tunkinsky National Park

A Little Story About A Great Adventure – Tunkinsky National Park

Many people say Buryatia is a very awesome place. The Eastern Sayan has a breathtaking landscape . The main difficulty is getting to the border village of Mondy, which is separated from Irkutsk by several hundreds of kilometers. Several areas of Buriyatia do not have public transport and Tunkinsky Valley is not an exception.
Lucky enough there are guides who take people through montain tours. Though it's not that easy to get an experienced and knowledgeable guide. A ten days hike is so satisfying since the Siberian Taiga is a manifold - morning fogs, icy fords, mountain passes, rain, storms, emerald-green mountain lakes ...
12 Coldest Markets in the World: Russian Polar Circle Markets

Coldest Markets in the World: Russian Polar Circle Markets

Salekhard is the only town located right on the polar circle. In February the temperature is about
-40C. Not caring about such weather condition local markets are working at a full swing.
12 Russian Cloud Factory

Russian Cloud Factory

Tour to the place from where hot water, heat in the radiators
and electricity come from - heat electropower station.

9 Assorted Russia, Part 14

Assorted Russia, Part 14

What does snow do to Russian monuments? Why chicken get buried alive?
What is Lenin's eye made of? Find out all the answers after the jump.
Sevastopol 7
3 Sunsets Of Sevastopol

Sunsets Of Sevastopol

Sevastopol is a Crimean town of great natural beauty and
historical importance. Umm, and have a look at these sunsets.
8 News From Russian Roads, Part 31

News From Russian Roads, Part 31

You are going to find out what cars Russian jazzmen ride, when one can receive a gift
from a police officer and discover the striking power of Russian cesspools.
17 Unimaginable Junkyard Flat

Unimaginable Junkyard Flat

A man once was called to install internet cable in one flat. On arriving he was shocked to see such a junkyard. But you'll be
amazed that it is a perfectly fine living place for a not-completely-sane woman. Welcome inside! Watch your feet!
17 Welcome To A Military Airbase

Welcome To A Military Airbase

Great phototour to the active
Russian air forces base.
33 Brand New Georgian Police

Brand New Georgian Police

In 2004 after Micheil Saakashvili became the president of Georgia the heads of all the defence and law enforcement agencies were fired. Traffic police became one of the main aims of the
reformators. New president presens an ultimatum - if after two days the bribery doesn't stop - all the police officers are going to be fired, too. And what came out of it?
11 Soviet Tale About Subway

Soviet Tale About Subway

This children's film strip was made in 1950
to show the kids how the subway works.

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