9 thoughts on “Interview With A Tiger”

  1. Yes the kitty is cute, but do not be deceived. His paws are already big enough to engulf a man’s testicular sack. One swipe and away it would go, into his mouth like an afternoon snack.

    Look at photo number 7 and see how he bites down on the woman’s leg with such aggression. Just a little bit higher and he would be in her crotch. Lucky for her she does not have the kind of snack he is looking for.

  2. this interview must be crazy…how come this kind of animal can answer their questions?on the other hand,tiger is dangerous

  3. I don’t like circuses. They should only show tricks done by artists who work there voluntarily – that is, people.
    However, I’ve been dreaming of petting a real tiger cub ever since I got my first plush one in 1982…


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