Art Of Soviet Propaganda

On the pictures below are posters of the 20-30s that tried to explain to children what was the occupation of these or those state people.

Propaganda12 9

The posters were amplified with rhymes so that the children could easier understand what functions perform different Ministries.

Such as:

“Ministry of Public Health

He watches over you

Outside and inside,

For you to be a healthy fellow,

Not a milksop”

Propaganda12 11

Ministry od Agriculture and Food

“Here he is,

With the only thought

About the native land,

So it could give you each day a piece of bread”

Propaganda12 14

Ministry of Railroad Communications.

“He feels sorry for your feet,

And he’s always there

To take you either by train or by sea,

Wherever you need and just in time”.

Propaganda12 12

Ministry of Trade

“He is deeply in his thoughts

Trying to protect you from fraud and lies

Either overland or in the sea.”

Propaganda12 13

Ministry of Finances

“Rubles, copecks’ friend is here,

Anytime he’s near,

Your pockets are full of money”.

Propaganda12 15

Soviet people’s committee

“He is here, he is there,

He has lots of tasks and work,

So many things are under his control,

In order you could live much better”.

Propaganda12 16

Ministry of Communications

“From Egypt to Siberia,

Promptly from any corners of the world,

Everything that happens on Earth,

He is able to tell you”.

Propaganda12 17

Ministry of Labor

“He is watching from all the corners,

In order you would never and nowhere

Be offended in labor”.

Propaganda12 18

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“He is in dialogue with all the world,

In order all countries would live in peace with you”.

Propaganda12 19

Ministry of Education

“What he has to do

Is to prevent you from being a fool.”

Propaganda12 20

All-USSR head.

“Once you feel sad about something,

Go directly to Kalinin for advice,

He is a “head” to settle all these things.”

Propaganda12 21

Propaganda12 50

Propaganda12 52

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24 thoughts on “Art Of Soviet Propaganda”

  1. While they are kinda neat looking and command your attention, it was a sad thing that artists in the Soviet Union were forced to make only one form of art. It’s sad to stifle creativity.

    • They weren’t limited in the 20s. Suprematism and other modern art was allowed until Stalin (and Zhdanov) shut it all down and required socialist realism in the 30s.

  2. Insanity. They promise one thing and deliver something totally different.

    I keep thinking about Cuba and their revolution when Castro came to power. They wanted that revolution as much as he did. but he lied to them about what they were going to get. If they knew how their lives were going to be, I bet they NEVER would have supported him.

    Same thing here. I wonder how many Russians would have supported the revolution (supported by Germany, and paid for by Germany), had they known what was really coming. I think not that many…..

    • People were glad to get rid of the monarchy, so they supported the Reds. The Soviet government kept its word. Of course councils were sometimes severe and even cruel, but without strict control of Russia would not become a great power.
      Look at Russia today. We are living in poverty because now we have capitalism. Everyone only cares about their money. Russian should be forced to work, or we will destroy ourselves.
      And by the way, the Soviet terror was just terrible for those who violate the law. Decent people lived peacefully.

      Sorry for my english.

  3. The number of posters with propaganda directed against Entente is surprising. What is not surprising in Russia is that both Bolsheviks and Whites used caricatures of Jews to identify their enemy.

  4. These are beautiful, I hadn’t seen many of them before. The early Soviets fought a truly heroic battle against capitalism for peace, culture and development. The party of Lenin and Trotsky, and the brave Russian working class, remain inspiration for human freedom to this day.

  5. One more thing – Czenda, there are no anti-Semitic caricatures in the Soviet posters, for the simple reason that the Bolsheviks fought the anti-Semitic pogroms by the Black Hundreds, for decades before the October Revolution. Many Jews were in the Bolshevik party; many more were allied in the Bund. It’s also why so many Jews rallied to the international Communist movement, and why the Whites, Nazis and Henry Ford were able to point to a ‘Bolshevik Jewish’ conspiracy. Get your facts straight before you malign one of the magnificent achievements of the early Soviets.

  6. The poster: “People eating each other are not cannibals…” is obviously about the horrific famine of 1921. A chilling, sober poster. A grim, black chapter in Russian/Soviet history.

  7. While the years passed there was so much upheaval in Russia, these are a grim reminder of life and how difficult things were. Many starved or were slain or robbed. Today Russia is in a much better place with more ability to rise out of desperate living . In the US things much like this with the American Indians, and even today, parts of the past come to haunt us. Mabe life in the 21’st century will bring a better way for all, but the world still looks very grim.


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